Attention: It is time for us to do what we do best. I am calling on all the jobless to help with this. Right now our Country is in turmoil because people are scared. We know this fear better then anyone, hell we have lived it for so long we grew numb. The jobless got sh*t on for the last eight years; some of us are houseless, some of us are living day to day, some of us will most likely never see an end to the suffering, and some of us have passed on. Those of us still here to see tomorrow are here because we overcame our fear and fought on, we refused to be used, and we believe in a hope that better days will come. It is our job now to be strong for those who are scared.
We need to do this for those who we have lost. We need to do this so we can keep pushing forward. We need to do this because we can. We have all been used for someone else’s agenda, but we saw it before it was too late. Now we must show everyone else.
We all ended up united because of MoveOn or some other organization that lead us down a path of destruction for their own agenda. We survived it though and now we need to help the people currently being used for another agenda before it hurts them too. We cannot sit and watch when we all know damn well what will happen, we can’t.
We are a force that is mightier and stronger than any other force. We are 94 million people who have been pushed down, ignored, and oppressed. We are America and it is time to take our Country back.
We have an opportunity before us to actually be loud enough that we can force change. We can finally see jobs at the end of the tunnel of misery and to hell if anyone is going to steal that from us. It never mattered to us who gave us these jobs, all that mattered was it happens. We all know party allegiance gets us nowhere. We know a truth that those who were not with us don’t know. For eight years we have waited for our chance to be heard and to hell if we are going to lose this because of someone else’s agenda.
The propaganda being spewed right now is just that, propaganda. The very same people who lead us on a never ending path to nowhere have once again found a new group of people to do this to. We must stop them because if we don’t the next four years will be transformed into never ending chaos that will only result in more jobless going houseless, more suicides, and more being ignored. These people are advocating for more filibusters, more blocking, and more division. They are using fear to create four years of panic and chaos.
We are the jobless! We are all nationalities, all lifestyles, all parties, all beliefs, we are the melting pot of America and we are many. We are the oppressed and we are sick and tired of always being ignored. We cannot risk four more years of no changes. We cannot risk four more years of America being divided by race, lifestyle, party, and beliefs. We have watched for eight years as everyone else but the jobless were heard and it ends now.
No President will ever be perfect. No Politician will ever be perfect. America is still a Country founded upon laws and nothing will change that. We don’t want more handouts we want a “hand up”. So put your party affiliation aside and fight for your opportunity to have a job. We must be louder, we must be forceful, and most importantly we must stop Americans from being used.
Our action plan:
Get on your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, whatever you can access.#NoMoreDistractions #Jobs1st #94millionStrong #99ers #EPWAV#OurTurn #8yearsWaiting #WeAreWatching #WeDontForgive#WeNeverForget
1. Contact your legislators in every way and make it clear we want jobs. No more distractions, no more ignoring us. Jobs are the priority.
2. Tell everyone you can how MoveOn, Democracy Now, NELP, even Van Jones, and others used the jobless. (Never forget how they encouraged the protests, built their mailing lists, and fundraised just to ditch the jobless later.)
It is wrong they are doing the same thing now to a new group of people who they will only abandon later.
3. Contact the media and tell them your story of being jobless, how you have suffered, and how long you have waited to have a job. Tell them how you are done being silenced.
4. Contact the people protesting and make sure they know what happened to the jobless. They deserve to know that these organizations abused us. Make sure they know politicians lie and use people. Make sure they know we will NOT be put aside any longer. Make sure they know we are the NOT the enemy. Make sure they know protesting won’t actually do anything but prevent actual solutions.
Do NOT let them steal our Voices again! Protests cost the cities money which means no money for the houseless. Protests block people from consuming which results in more job loss. Protests prevent people from getting to work which means no income. Protests hurt the jobless. Protests result in more oppression not less. If they want to make real changes they should be joining us to fight for jobs because that includes a better way of life. There are 94 million plus of us, so of course the organizations are trying to oppress us because they know we know the truth. We don’t need parties or organizations we need JOBS.
We have an opportunity to actually get change and to get a focus on jobs. Everyone benefits from jobs. So let’s get out there, talk to the people who are scared, and make sure they know this already happened to us. Make sure they know we are every race, every lifestyle, every belief, and every party and will not be segregated any longer. #Hope4Jobs

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Why Demand IS Not A Concern!!

American business strives on making profits.  Making profits has always required Customers who will purchase your product or service, otherwise known as Demand.  Demand creates jobs in America.  So as I wondered how is Corporations making record profits with less customers coming through the front door so I decided to dig deeper into how this is happening.  Corporations are making profits for their investors right now.  Is it that companies are selling high volume products better than everyone else?  No in fact the best money maker in business today is a GOOD Accountant who is skilled in moving the money around in order to avoid paying taxes.  They are skilled at Capital Gains checks, creating subsidies that provides loopholes for corporations, to not just keep more of their money but to make sure the game is rigged enough to keep their profit margin flowing.  Apparently, while the unemployment rate bad.  IT’S GOOD FOR CORPORATIONS, apparently not telling the public the truth about the unemployment numbers is in fact GOOD FOR BUSINESS.  In an article from Forbes, I can only conclude that maybe corporate earnings will continue to increase, rewarding equity investors, because of the high unemployment rate. Robert Lenzner makes the statement that the “Real Unemployment rate is 14.3%”.  Well it’s true the “Real” Unemployment rate is higher than the media portrays, it is also clear that it is benefitting some into riches that would not have come to them because of the  crisis going on in today’s market.  So If you lost your business, lost your job, underemployed or simply unable to move past go.  Look at who is excelling past go.  The business world is responsible for their profit margins.  Does that make them an “evil” entity?  No it’s the government who is not supposed to work hand in hand with business to be so corrupt that is squashes the people of the country.  The government is supposed to be the wall between what could cause the people harm.  After many years the government has in fact worked in partnership with causing the People on Main Street harm.

One of the more devastating theories of the 1970s was that no matter what it took to achieve it, the primary purpose of business was to maximize value for its shareholders. This principle has led to a variety of social ills where businesses discard employees (at the drop of a hat), pollute our air and waters, or create short-term gains that are unsustainable. Branson, Richard (2011-12-08). Screw Business As Usual (p. 96).     Portfolio Hardcover. Kindle Edition.

As long as the corporations are in charge of government, it is going to get worse.

We need to find a way to get corporations out of government and media watching for corruption between government, business, media and people.

We as citizen of this country Want our Government, OUR CEO of this United States of America to stop giving profits on the backs of our life savings.  We want our voices heard in the country that we the People of the United States of America are protected under the United States Constitution.

This is testimony that pretty much sums up the feelings of REAL Unemployed Americans on Main Street.  The US raised taxes on the rich but no one paid attention what they did with it….IT MATTERS WHAT YOU DID WITH IT.  What the current administration did with the raise in taxes did no in fact help grow the economy.  It fed Special Interest of the lobbyists all fighting for a bigger piece of the pie.  The piece that everyone RIGHT, LEFT or in between is missing is the peace that was taken away from Main Street.

So I do have to ask?  When is the United States Government going to protect the PEOPLE over Corporations?  When are Americans going to say I have had enough?  The answers to those questions are the future of America.  History really does repeat itself.  Hang on its going to be a bumpy ride.

WHEN IS JOBS going to be the forefront of Our Government’s Agenda?  We know the people of the country find it a top priority.  When are the Leaders in Washington, DC going to start listening?  Its clear Corporation’s are having no problem making money with no demand.  Clearly, this is unsustainable so lets get going on m

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So ITS THE FUTURE!! Where is the DANCE NELP? Inquiring 99ers WANT TO KNOW

So 99ers back in 2010 reached out to many established groups that protect unemployed.  We have many emails that make you wonder things that there was a plan, they knew the future.  Some of these em…

Source: So ITS THE FUTURE!! Where is the DANCE NELP? Inquiring 99ers WANT TO KNOW

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I Survived the RNC Convention 2016

As an Unemployed Advocate never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up at a RNC convention? Over the years of lobbying politicians for Jobs bills the road blocks experienced was enormous. To break through the crowd of every one knows everyone seemed impossible. The democratic side certainly seemed to be easier to get your foot in the door but really once you get there you realize it’s just the waiting room with the appearance of your at the party. You’re not at the party they just pooling you in the room just in case they need to pluck you from the waiting room to tell a story to sell the party. The experience with the RNC was totally different. Have the unemployed Arrived at the party with the RNC no of course not. But the waiting room has a different purpose than the Democratic waiting room.

There I was in Cleveland surrounded by those Evil republicans that everyone is always talking about. I waited for the moment that they would strike and try to turn me into some raving loon. Instead I was received with a smile. I was reserved in the fact that I was an Independent not a Republican. I was reserved in introducing myself as an unemployed Advocate for concern of their response. Everyone I met was wonderful, polite and just like me concerned for the country and where we are headed. I was shocked to be received well on the job creation topic and understood some peoples concern of my intentions there. My intentions are not malicious but having been in the political circus for a few years I know that it is right to be cautious. The circles in the GOP are much like the Democratic Party. There is a hierarchy and moving up that ladder is something that takes time not something a convention visit accomplishes. Its one of the most frustrating parts of politics, the in crowd always seems almost unbreakable. You could have the most brilliant skill and idea to bring to the table and nope good luck reaching the right people to implement it. However, anyone who knows me knows I will jump over the hurdles of not being part of the in crowd just so peoples voices are heard that deserve to have a voice even when they not part of the in crowd. This is a series of some of the experiences of jumping over those hurdles at the RNC Convention. The lessons learned on how angry the Establishment is at us. Apparently, I have made some enemies along the way but if people would sit down and listen I believe those bridges can be mended. This is about a journey where I was led to a place that was willing to talk about jobs and acknowledge that the long term unemployed exist and the path forward. The journey is far from over but it’s a beginning. This journey started with teaching people how the system works, how they can get involved and how even then they get blocked from making changes to a system that is supposed to represent them. Right or Left they both have experienced at the delegate level that change isn’t going to be as simple as they thought.

I am documenting this experience perhaps so others can see. Screaming at each other gets us no where. We might not agree on everything but there are some things we can see eye to eye on and agree. The art of Compromise something I believe we all lost site of.

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President Obama’s recovery gone in Seconds

Obama’s Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since 2009

President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.

The plans, expected to be announced late Nov. 20, will distribute five million work permits to illegal immigrants, and also create a new inflow of foreign college graduates for prestigious salaried jobs, according to press reports.

Obama has already provided or promised almost one million extra work permits to foreigners, while his economy has only added six million jobs since 2009.

Under the president’s new amnesty plan, “up to four million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years can apply. … An additional one million people will get protection from deportation through other parts of the president’s plan,” according to a Nov. 19 report in The New York Times.

The five million total was attributed to “people briefed on his plans,” the Times reports.

The five million work permits will add to Obama’s prior giveaways, which have provided work permits to almost one million foreigners.

Since 2009, the U.S. economy has added only six million jobs, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The total number of jobs rose from 139,894,000 in 2009, to 145,871,000 in 2014, according to the IMF. That’s an increase of 5,977,000 jobs in five years.

Obama’s administration claims it has helped create 10 million jobs. If so, he is giving out one work permit for every two jobs created since his inauguration.

Not all the five million illegal immigrants who get permits will work, and many are already working under fake names or for cash. However, their new work permits will allow them to compete for jobs now held or sought by blue-collar Americans, including the many African-Americans and Latinos who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Polls show that the public is hostile to the amnesty plan and want Obama to work with Congress on immigration.

Currently, less than one percent of the nation’s population of 12 million illegal immigrants are repatriated each year. Obama’s policy will likely shrink the repatriations, while providing millions with work permits.

Obama’s total of six million extra work permits does not include the normal inflow of legal immigrants.

Each year, the nation accepts one million new immigrants, or roughly five million since 2009. That total includes roughly 3.5 million working-age immigrants, which is slightly less than the number of Americans — 4.3 million — who turn 18 each year.

Also, companies annually hire roughly 450,000 blue-collar guest workers and roughly 200,000 white-collar guest workers. Most of these guest workers stay for less than a year, but many stay for six years.

That current population of roughly 600,000 foreign graduates is expected to increase, if, as reported, Obama’s plan allows American universities to offer green cards to foreign tuition-paying students who will then compete for the well-paying jobs or the prestigious jobs sought by the offspring of the nation’s influential upper middle class.

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Voter Lookup

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Why the Unemployed Won’t Vote for Harry Reid

What I don’t get is I told everyone about the phone call to his office where I was not put on hold as I should have been and heard Reid state the unemployed were entitled and lazy. Or the fact we proved that Kildee chose to throw us under the bus for a new bill instead of our original back pay. Or that they didn’t sign EUI into the budget but instead gave the money for illegal immigrants. Or how about s2038 that Reid said he wouldn’t even consider because it was written by a GOP despite the fact it would have helped about 10 million unemployed. Or how about how Reid refused to bring S2260 up for a vote because the GOP liked it, despite the fact it was written by a Dem and had a hiring bonus for the unemployed. Or what about Toomey’s 1 year EUI extension bill that Reid wouldn’t allow because it has a job bill in it. I can go on and on. Or what about the broken promises from the entire Dem Senate that they would help the unemployed but when we finally got HR803 into the Senate the Dem Senators blocked anything being added to it despite the WIA so even if Boehner was going to hold up his end he couldn’t because the Dems blocked the bill tree. Or why didn’t any of them help us Rally? Even though they were asked over and over to help. I wont even mention the new bill they wrote which excluded millions of the unemployed yet would give unions a one year eui extension and the very people fighting would if at all qualify get a minimum of one month. Maybe I was the only one actually contacting the Politicians, maybe I wasn’t but after 10 months of pushing job bills and any kind of help why was it only 10, yes 10 democrats replied to a single thing I sent on behalf of millions and of those ten only Wyden acted on our behalf but got blocked by Reid, however all but 22 GOP replied yes almost the ENTIRE GOP party replied to my contacting them with they would help us get JOB BILLS and gladly sign EUI with a JOB BILL. Sorry but when you see 1st hand who is lying and who is misleading you cant ignore it. Matter of fact the dems who did reply started with get me elected in Nov and I will help you, seriously it was March the 1st time I heard that.
I would love nothing more than to vote them ALL out however I will concentrate on getting rid of Harry Reid because he is a bastard who lies, cheats, and misleads and said awful things my own ears heard and I watched for months and months as he led on the unemployed and refused to help them when all he had to do was sign a Bleeping JOB BILL for the unemployed. how fucking hard can that be. So harry Reid you accomplished in me voting on action and when i say action I MEAN actually doing something not just saying you will. If he gets uprooted I can guarantee we will have more job bills than we could ever dream of. Yes I say guarantee because this Country is going to collapse without them and thank God the GOP likes money because so do we all.

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I Have Not Changed Direction

     Just so ALL are aware I have NOT changed course. We have 90 million people “Out of the Work Force” yes 90 million. Now some say help everyone, and some say help Americans First. My personal opinions are not relevant. What is; I dedicated myself to help the unemployed and underemployed and when there is 90 million people Out of Work I see a huge problem.
People may think I am mean or heartless. I am not, my own Grandfather legally immigrated here. I see reality though and the reality is this for decades we have helped everyone but our own. I cannot change this, only the voters can. I made a decision this week to try and help change this.
Yes I feel bad for the children, but I also ask what about our children? We have crime, we have murder, we have sex abuse, we have homeless children, starving children and suffering children. What about them? Who will help us? What happens when America does collapse? Because they dont seem to be fixing it anytime soon. So what happens?
      I fight for Americans and Legal Immigrants- I do not have time to fight for everyone. You are free to Stand Up for what you feel is right and I will Stand Up for what i feel is right. So If you can handle me going to anti-illegal rallies, which yes I will continue because I think it is beyond cruel that we have NOT notified the World that we are no longer stable. We are cruel to NOT say hey the “American Dream” no longer exists and we are cruel to not stop it, because their future is our future and I myself cannot live with the guilt of being ten years from now and 110 million people are Out of Work and I didn’t try to stop it.
FYI I spoke to counter protestors, they did not know 90 million were Out of Work, they were SHOCKED to hear this and YES it terrified them to think of what about in ten years. Then they responded with we need actual immigration reform and the U.S. needs to notify the people coming that there is NO JOBS. So YES I will continue to attend Rallies and educate the counter protestors because it could actually change things.
      So if you can handle that I will DO everything and anything within the Law to ensure the Unemployed are heard, have a Voice and that solutions are fought for then stay, but please don’t attack before you go, i am only a woman, I do have feelings and I can only make decisions based on what I think is right.
      I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR JOBS! I know someday if we stand up then change can happen, but if we continue to just say we have NO control then change will never come and all the children coming to America for safety and a future will have NO future either.
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The 99er Problems and A Job Isnt One of Them

After being unemployed for the last 4 years, I will soon be facing homelessness. Lucky for me, I still have a roof over my head for the time being because God gave me landlords that have looked beyond the profits that come with owning a tenement building, and display the compassion that many landlords do not have; however, I have no idea how long they will continue to stand by me…you see, I have been unable to pay rent for the last 2 years.
There are many others like me who have lost multiple jobs over the years, either by company closings, or relocations; we have become part of the 99ers that have exhausted all unemployment extensions, yet still have not been hired, after sending out hundreds of resumes to prospective employers.
Recently it’s been stated by our local government, that the jobless rate in the state of Massachusetts has decreased. I suppose if you have a degree or experience in the medical or computer field, people are finding jobs. (Although I know someone who actually took a course in Medical Terminology, and was told during an interview that they prefer someone with 2 years of experience!) But for those who don’t, we continue to wonder aimlessly hoping that one big break will come.
In the meantime, it’s been quite a journey…And in the past 4 years…yes, it’s been that long…I’ve learned several things:
1. Age discrimination is still alive and well in this country, especially in Massachusetts. When we have all the qualifications for a position, but still get a rejection letter without even an interview, they’ve pretty much figured out how old we are. What they don’t understand is that the older generations are “workers”…really hard workers! We don’t text on the job, we don’t visit facebook and other websites while working, and we’ve matured enough in our roles to know what teamwork, dedication, punctuality, and customer service is all about. But, what would they know about that?? Half of the interviewers are just barely out of college.
2. The amount of experience we have hurts our chances of getting the simplest of jobs. They just simply assume that we wouldn’t work for minimum wage, even though we make it clear in our cover letters that we would.
3. There are too many of us applying for the same position. With hundreds of resumes coming thru their door, or should I say “website”, we would be naïve to think that they are going to look at all of them. Therefore, the chances that they will pull ours up, after reading the first 50, are pretty slim.
4. They no longer want us to go to the business place and fill out an application. Instead of appreciating the fact that we took the time to visit with them, we are now directed to go back home and apply on-line. Managers simply no longer want to take an hour out of their day to speak with us. Therefore our chances of them ever seeing our resume is very unlikely.
5. Companies no longer are willing to train a new employee… it simply no longer exists. There are so many people still out of work that it is most probable that they will find someone who has had experience in the area they need, and they will require very little instructions or training.
6. Additionally the requirements that they are now looking for, seems quite over the top. At a recent job interview (2 in fact) at local Coffee shop I was told that they weren’t sure I could handle the drive up window, and because I never had experience in handling food, they needed to hire someone who had. Well, I’ve made plenty of coffee at home, have bagged many doughnuts while shopping at a local supermarket, and have put together many a sandwich; however, that wasn’t enough. Yet, their ads for job openings state that we have to be 16 to apply…Tell me, how many 16 year olds have had food experience? Sounds like age discrimination to me?

I recently pulled up another job opening for Housekeeping attendants at a local Country Club. I should be qualified for that, don’t you think? I clean house…actually I am quite the neat freak. Then I saw that it stated “Experienced housekeeping attendants needed”, and realized that my resume with years of office experience wasn’t going to impress them since I have never done any professional cleaning.
I’ve actually seen an opening for someone to wash public toilets, and desperate as I was, I read on, only to read that it required someone with experience.

Now a days, any type of Office work requires you to know their own particular programming system, they don’t want to train you anymore, and many years of office work doesn’t help if you’re not familiar with it.

But the search goes on…..
I am awed every day that to search for a job, we are required to have a computer; jobs are no longer posted in the local newspapers, except on Sundays. So we either look only once a week for an available position, or we devote each day to search on line. The latter is like having a full time job, except we don’t get paid for it. We get up early, pour a cup of coffee, and begin…one website after another, there are hundreds. When we find a job that we’d qualify for, we begin the tweaking of our resume. We have been instructed by the local Career Center to downplay our experience if we are applying for a lesser position than what we are used to. Apparently this is to eliminate an employer in saying, “This applicant won’t work for minimum wage”. But, how do you downplay 30 years of experience, when we were employed for 20 years in one company? I would think the potential employer would question why we were never promoted if we kept our entry level experience in tack, and got rid of our upper level history. Once the resume is tweaked, we go on to our cover letter, a letter that is only a bit short of begging for the position. Finally, we hit the “apply” button, only to find out that we have to do several things….take a 30-40 minute test showing our competency, fill out another profile outlining our job experiences (apparently our resume is not enough), or authorizing a credit check. A credit check, mind you! (If we had a job, our credit wouldn’t be a problem.) But the most shocking of all is to read that the company posted the job only so they could have a file of applicants looking for work, when and if a position comes up. Advertizing the job does not mean there is an opening. Equally appalling is to discover that the job we are applying for, was already filled, and the company never informed the website to pull it off.
This whole procedure, if you are serious in acquiring a job, can take an hour or more for each position you apply for on-line. And if all that doesn’t get you discouraged, never receiving a company response certainly will. We may be lucky to receive a returned e-mail, but they are only computerized form letters stating that ‘they have received your application and they will consider your desire for the position’; however, apologies are also given, explaining that with all the many applicants, it’s impossible for them to personally reply to all, if the position is given to someone else. But, hey, we are always comforted by their courtesy statement: “Good luck in your job search”. Keep in mind, if we are applying thru a job search site, and not direct to the employer, the only response we get is from the search site….not the company.
Equally discouraging are those companies who go thru our local Career Center to advertise a position. (This is done so the agency can screen the applicants, and weed out the bad ones). So in searching on the Career Center website, and finding a position that is well suited for us, we learn that the company is confidential and we are left with no contact or e-mail address for which to send our resume. To get that information we have to actually go to the center and sit with an agent there. Get the picture….We get up in the morning, and shove some everyday clothes on, get our coffee and muster up the hope and energy needed for the daily job search on-line, and then suddenly discover that there is a job on the Career Center website that is perfectly suited for us. We then have to rush to tweak our resume to fit that job, write that cover letter, get properly showered and dressed, and run down to their office. We then sign up and wait for the first available rep…which could be anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the day of the week. If we discover that job on a Monday…it’s not worth going…the room is packed with those signing up for unemployment. The fact that we only want information about a company doesn’t make a difference. What do the reps do? They look over our resume and tell us what to keep in or leave out…if our resume doesn’t look professional, they tell us how to change it; they might even tell us that we don’t have enough credentials to apply for that position. While all this sounds good and helpful…we actually have to do this every time you discover a confidential posting on their website. So if we see 2 or 3 in a week, different days…we still have to go down. By the 3 ,4, or 5th visit, I would hope the applicant knows how to tweak a resume, or edit it to look professional…therefore, the gas we use to travel there, and the time it is taking away from our on-line search at home, doesn’t help any job seeker. I have a suggestion – after our 3rd or 4th visit to the center and having our resume critiqued, wouldn’t it make much more sense to be assigned a rep in their agency, where we can e-mail her the resume? By then the rep should be already familiar with us, our appearance, our personality and with our resumes, thus taking only a few minutes out of their day to look it over before she gets back to us with whatever changes she thinks we should make, or giving us her final approval.
Once in awhile we’ll get lucky and get called for an interview. In comparison to “back in the day”, this is another learning curve. We should actually know how to give an interview. It’s not enough for them to meet us or get familiar with our personality, we now have to answer ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with the job. Certainly I can understand in high profile jobs, or high salary positions, but to be an office clerk?????
After several interviews you might be lucky to be called to, and after several final rejections, we begin to wonder what we did wrong. Were we too friendly? Were we too quiet? Were we too honest with our answers? Or were we too vague? Were we too confident, or not enough? Did we not wear the right outfit? Or did our wrinkles on our faces give away our age? The companies are certainly not going to tell us, or if a reason is stated, it often goes like this “Thank you for applying for this position, but we have filled it with someone more suitable for the job.” (If you’ve done that kind of work for 30 years, I find it humorous that someone could be more qualified.) So, we are often left in the dark wondering, what the real truth is.
Keep in mind that some companies don’t even get back to us after the job was given to someone else. I was left in complete darkness after applying for a position for a Cafeteria Monitor at a local Grammar School…I was actually interviewed by the school principal. After 1 week of not hearing anything, I dropped her an e-mail, only to find out that the position had been filled. Funny how businesses expect us to be professional, yet they don’t reciprocate with the same courtesy.
And what about those temp agencies??? “Back in my day”, if they had a temporary position, they sent us there for as long as the job lasted…if we were lucky, if they liked us, we got hired by the company. If the company didn’t like our work, they called the agency for a replacement. That’s it! It was a way for them to really get to know us. Now we go thru an interview like any other job, and as usual we are up against a lot of younger applicants. Therefore, it seems we can no longer use a temp agency as a means for employers to see our work. Additionally, it is very apparent that most local companies don’t use local temp agencies, with the exception of day to day jobs in manufacturing plants. However, for any temp office work in our local town, as well the surrounding ones, we are sent out of the area just to sign up in their office. I would’ve thought that local businesses would support local agencies, but hardly is that the case.
So what has been my big lesson throughout this journey….I’ve learned that you can’t always blame your fellow politicians for lack of work. They seriously need to look at those who run the businesses and do the hiring as well…they need to ask them how much are they willing to extend a helping hand to give someone a job. They need to expect from them, the same thing they expect from us…professional courtesy. They need to stop age discrimination and they need to stop the media from pushing their on-line job searches…and allow people to get out each day and approach businesses for applications. The length of time we sit at our computers is certainly not physically healthy.
And they need to stop allowing CEO’s of many companies to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the multiple homes, and recreational toys they have, while their company staff is stretched to the limit, because they won’t hire more people. Most say…they earned their way, they worked for it, and they have a right to spend their money as they wish…but those statements often come from people who run their own businesses or are financially okay. (Furthermore, what makes some people think that those who are poor or in the lower middle class, haven’t worked all their lives?…or tried just as hard to prosper as they did?)
How am I surviving? My son who is mentally disabled is now the one who is supporting me… With his small disability check, and my part time job that pays me 50.00 a week. Neither one of these pay checks will continue to put a roof over my head and pay the heating costs, keep a car running to go on interviews, pay the telephone and electricity bills that is required to keep an internet going to search for jobs, buy stationary, stamps and envelopes to send resumes out, and ink for our printers, laundry detergent to wash our clothes…all of these things that is required to even acquire a job today.
After all this, we still continue to hear numerous attacks on the unemployed, that the general population is only looking for handouts, for the government to support us. Do they know what it’s like to get up every morning with no place to go, having to start a new day sending out resumes that we know we won’t get a response to. I have finally reached the lowest place in my life, I no longer know how it feels to be positive and have hope…some days I just don’t want to get up in the morning. There seems to be no reason to.

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I am done begging for your attention Mr President

                                    Dear President Obama,


                                           For 6 years America has had a jobs crisis.  This crisis started before you became President and in those 6 years more than 20 million Americans have lost everything, gone homeless and in some cases committed suicide.  I have advocated, networked and educated over the last 5 years for the 99ers the group the government likes to pretend don’t exist.  This group is large and needed a voice.  I have reached out to every organized group out there, every politician out there only for the concern that is the reality of this group to fall on deaf ears.  I am formally informing you that I am done asking democrats and liberals to care about the “out of workforce”.  I am done begging for you and your party to do the right thing.  I get it you’re not interested in those millions. It’s not on your agenda and hasn’t been.  I am done watching democrats every year beg for more unemployment benefits while ignoring those that already  exhausted their unemployment benefits and can’t get hired at McDonalds to flip hamburgers.  It’s been made perfectly clear you are not concerned for those American’s.  It’s been made clear that your party is not looking to get those people off the streets or help them find employment.  I am done being insulted and told its all my fault I can’t find a job.  I am sick of being told. I must pick a box that the democrats are concerned about and fight for that and wait….i am done paying attention to the “We care” party.  I have watched you tell me that the republicans are to blame look at them…So I did.  I went and looked closely now there are some things that republicans say I don’t agree with.  However, the one thing they can say that democrats can’t say is that acknowledge the huge numbers of “out of workforce”,  the lack of opportunity, the need for jobs and the amount of people needing welfare in America are at record numbers.  I followed the rabbit hole and your right.  Look to the republicans for my solutions.  Apparently after 4 years of begging. I was asking the wrong side.  The party of “we care” wasn’t interested in anything other than guns, gays and immigration reform.  So I guess its time to give the republicans a try.  To see if they will speak up for those of us who don’t have a lobbyist.  What do I have to lose?  Certainly not your attention. 


                             Signed…..I am sick of being ignored and tossed aside.





13 extensions of Unemployment and not one jobs bill for 99ers.

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