Democracy Requires Participation

When America was founded it was founded on the idea that every man is created equal.  However, it was also founded on the idea that everyone must participate in the country.  Everything in America requires participation, from the business owner who needs employees to run the business to the customers that will keep the business going.  One cannot be completed without the other.  We are one large community who has forgotten what its like to work together for the greater good.  Elections have turned into a 4 ring circus, with who can spend the most money to get people on your side.  I don’t know about many of you.  But in this authors thought, voting shouldn’t be about whose side you go to but what is best for this country, and who will represent those ideas and stand by them.  Too many make promises and don’t keep them once in office.  And so many americans go on to their own little worlds after an election.  I want to take to time to remind America.  Democracy requires participation.  We must all unify together.  Not just for groups that have private funding, but for the little voices in every neighborhood all across the country.  There are some big things happening in America ITS NO TIME to sit on the sidelines.  It’s time to get out and get active.  Elections might be over but the problems that existed on nov 6, 2012 still remain.  I encourage all our leaders to come together to participate in our democracy.  We dont need you to controll it we need you to actually participate in it.  And if you dont mind can we start with jobs for everyone?

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One Response to Democracy Requires Participation

  1. Teresa Locklear says:

    It is time for us to come together as a nation!! America is the land of dreams, hopes and possibilities !! Over the last few years so many have lost hope, they cannot work to support their families. We need a jobs bill that will allow every American who desires to work the opportunity to do so. It is time for our leaders to step up to the plate and work with us, for us and not against us!!

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