Is it Really defined as Angry?

Today there are over 23 million unemployed people in America. In addition there are at least 15 million underemployed not by their choice. You see people discuss the issues and there can be much said about if the unemployed Americans especially the 99ers are angry. Anger in my view just doesn’t cover the feelings, emotions or mindset of so many Americans. Are they mad? Yes. Are they Angry? Yes. But truly what they are is tired. They are tired of being lied about, insulted and even in a few cases slandered. Are they drug addicts, Alcoholic’s or lazy? I always find myself in awe of such statements. To think someone in their 40’s who worked their whole life is suddenly rendered lazy while an economic crisis is happening around them is stunning that people actually respond to such comments. To think that there are jobs abound in America and people have willingly made a choice to lose all their worldly possessions and go homeless, hungry and in some cases chosen to end their life all because it seemed better than finding a job, any job. The unemployed have not just spent their time being angry there are some real hero’s among them. While they didn’t have the financial ability to help someone pay their bills they formed communities where caring understanding and in some cases life saving measures to help themselves and each other. So for any unemployed out there part of these groups. You didn’t just sit there and do nothing you volunteered for community relations. You made a difference. There are not many stories you will read about who did what for someone else. The community is very private. They helped each other because they cared not for glory or a pat on the back. There are many good stories out there. But those belong to the unemployed. Each story has changed each of us in different ways and it will forever be a part of you. Stand tall my unemployed friends, you are what America is supposed to be. Know that instead of rioting on the streets you chose to uplift each other, you blocked out the hatefulness of the leaders and held to your beliefs. This is something to be very proud of.

To all of you who don’t know the stories or the history of what the 99ers went through you are part of the problem and not the solution. To think that people who are unemployed are just sitting around waiting for the picky opportunity. You are out of touch with reality. Reality people are angry. They are angry at the government who has chosen to ignore the crisis that the government had a hand in creating. They are angry and the lies and distortion of just how many Americans are unemployed and in need of a job. They are angry at being told it’s your fault and somehow some flaw within the unemployed is the reason they are going homeless. They are angry with the American public who continue to stand in long lines for the latest’s gadget while walking by at least 10 people on the way to the store who is jobless and might even be homeless. They are angry that they were not one of the lucky ones who can sit at home in judgment of something they know nothing about. The elections of 2012 are over. And now with jobs being one of the major concerns through the elections, what exactly have we heard on the topic of jobs? Nothing, how many times have we heard about taxes and revenue? But too many Americans know more tax payers result in more revenue. The fact which the unemployment crisis has resulted in more borrowing for this country. So if you don’t like having such a large debt and you don’t want to hand that big bill to your children. Maybe you should join an unemployed group and work with them to get the US Government to address the jobs crisis. People don’t want a handout, they want a hand up. They didn’t create this crisis; they became a victim of the crisis. It’s something that is way overdue and it is every Americans responsibility to care about their neighbors, family and friends to end the crisis that was man made. Unemployed is not something one would volunteer for. It’s not a fun process or a great lifestyle. We need to deal with the crisis at hand. The unemployed are building a coalition for all unemployed who will once again like in 2010 speak out to be heard. To encourage the government to ADDRESS the crisis. They want Real solutions and it’s never been needed more than NOW.

There has never been a better time for everyone to come together as a unified group. You want to save someone’s life all it takes is a phone call. All it takes is a little bit of your time to pay attention long enough to realize this is a crisis and something needs to change now. JOIN US…Together in Unity WE WILL End the CRISIS and bring our country back for everyone.

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5 Responses to Is it Really defined as Angry?

  1. trk387 says:

    FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY (even if whoever you are using the numbers I as an advocate for the long term unemployed have been citing, telling, ramming down the throats of the media and anyone that post false numbers)! BRAVO!!! Someone has the BALLS to post the TRUE numbers. 15 MILLION 99’ERS… and you don’t hear from them because they crawl out of their card board boxes everyday, so again THANK YOU! trk387 WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! as I myself am a 99’ER!

  2. ML says:

    Who wrote this usual piece of going nowhere crap?

  3. ML says:

    So I get censored? Lets watch and see.

  4. Fisk Ann says:

    No excuse for this situation, there are causes,GREED, obstructionists, the lie of “trickle down”and downright lack of concern for fellow citizens! Over flood of workers to positions making people as disposable as Kleenex!

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