You think Unemployment dont matter to You?

The topic of unemployment has been everything from belittled to said to be last on the list for importance.  The USA has grown tired of paying ui benefits to people and have found it easier to call them lazy and drug addicts and unskilled as opposed to realizing how unemployment effects you even when you have a job.  Here is a topic that no one ever attributes to an effect on unemployment for all those currently working.  When a home cannot be paid for any more it goes into foreclosure.  The foreclosure rates have been on the rise for the last several years you can look up the rates in the us courts and realize the rate of foreclosure has everything to do with the rate of unemployment.  Attached is a link to show you just the comparison from 2009 to 2010 for bankruptcy.  In the states with high unemployment the rates was even higher for bankruptcy cases.(  One can only demise that in fact if your house has lost value over the last few years.  Dont blame the unemployed person who lost their job then their home.  Blame it on the government and yourself for failing to listen to the relevance of keeping people working and with income to pay the bills.  Is your business hurting this year?  Is your profit margin down?  Well, for the same reason as your home has no value anymore neither will your company make the same profits.  People out of work will not be your customer, they wont pay any state taxes, they can’t afford any luxury items since they can’t even afford the basic necessities.  The longer this crisis keeps getting ignored the bigger the group grows and the more the working americans will be burdened with property value loss, fewer people paying taxes which in turn put more burden on the people working.  The more people you will see living on the streets begging for scraps.  Stop thinking glad it’s not me and realize its just as much your problem as it is the guy or woman who is unemployed.  ITS YOUR PROBLEM TOO.  When will you learn that america is effected by everything that happens across the country.  Stocks rise and fall with elections, UI rates and even natural disasters.  Your company profits are all about demand.  There is no demand when people don’t have the ability to make purchases.  So in simplistic terms if you want your home to have value, your job to pay well, or your company to have a profit margin.  I would suggest you start caring about the unemployment rate in america.  The real rate not the one that is published every friday.

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