Have We Come Full Circle? 18,000 layoffs is this the end of Hostess?

As more and more layoffs right before Christmas happen in America, some of the unemployed are not surprised to this practice since they have spent the last 5 years watching this take place.  The end of the year budgets, the lack of profits from the Christmas season.  It’s the only way for them to squeeze some profit out of a year that wasnt as good as the year before.  There are some that predicted this a few years ago.  As the announcement of Hostess to layoff over 18,000 people today the realization of what will come next leaves many wondering How could we have avoided this?  There is some lessons to be had for both sides of the political parties that need to be learned from this situation.  The companies in America know there are millions who have been unemployed and are desperate for a paycheck.  Will this company be sold and then doors open and hire employees for half of what union members got paid.  Will those employees be happy to receive that pay since for years they have had zero in income, including no UI?  There are many ways this can be handled but one thing is for certain.  This Could have been avoided if the 99ers, exhausted had been addressed when the crisis first started.  With more 99ers coming to join the group by the end of December 31, 2012, when the UI extensions end it might just be that many more companies will in fact recycle their companies off to the highest bidder and hire employees of the lowest bid.  This is why solidarity in this country was so important.  Too many groups such as unions left too many others behind.  I am going to include a rant from a fellow 99er who sent the following email to MSNBC.  It does mirror some of the 99ers feelings and view points but not all.  After reading and reacting we then need to move on to Where do we go from here?  Is this how we take part in dumbing down our lives, all for one and one for all?  Or is it how we wake up that there is more than one group suffering out there and deserve some attention.  I believe everyone NEEDS to be addressed.  We are Americans after all and in America at the least the country it used to be we cared about each other.

The following is a letter sent by a 99er to the media…

It is official – 18,000 more Union Jobs lost this weekend by Hostess Bakery!
This letter is predominately to MSNBC and I at least hope you give me the courtesy of reading it before shredding it.  Way back, when Ed Schultz and the gang were so adamantly fighting for the long-term unemployed, pledging to NEVER give up on the fight, we believed you.  Since I was the last official 99ER interviewed by Mr. Schultz, I feel I am compelled to write this and ask you how did your sudden and immediate “kicking us to the curb” work out?
Immediately after being “used” in my interview, because I mentioned I was receiving a small Union Pension that helped me to survive, you chose to then focus all of your passion and time immediately to the Scott Walker incident and the Unions.  Throwing your “99ER Roadkill” off to the side. The hell with them – we have a new agenda now.
I spoke with someone from Hostess this morning and it is official – 18,000 more unemployed people starting next week.  This is just the beginning of it I am afraid.  And legally, there is not a thing that can be done.  It’s easy – they close the Corporations then re-open and then hire long-term unemployed people for half the salary, and they will gratefully take it because half a loaf is better than none!
For so long many of us have been asking the various Unions to work WITH us not AGAINST us but were told we were basically on our own.  Their concern was only for themselves and we were left to fend for ourselves.  It was what could have been a Win-Win that is now a losing battle for them which could have been averted had we all worked TOGETHER.  It’s too late now.
The pathetic part is now it will all be blamed on the President.  Unemployment will greatly increase and he will get the blame by the disgusting, pathetic, inhumane people known as Republicans, such as McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Isa, McCain, Graham, et al.  Oh well, not our problem – we have enough of our own.
The good part of it is that the Long-term unemployed, who are GETTING NO BENEFITS AT ALL WHATSOEVER, are the perfect people to replace these employees.  They are not counted as anything in the Country because they are not on the L&I Rolls.  So if they get these jobs, which would be the smartest thing when these Corporations re-open, it will not change the unemployment rate in any way, because as I said, LTU’S DO NOT COUNT.  It will still be high because we were not counted for so many years by anyone.  Not the Dems, the Reps, nor the News Media – to all we just did not exist.
Many LTU’s would be quite happy stuffing whipped cream into a Twinkie for 1/2 the salary of a Union Worker.  People who have lost their homes, their cars, their kids, their life’s savings, their dignity, their self-esteem, their loved ones through death, those living with mental depression, living in tents and cars, and so much more, – they will do whatever they must to receive a paycheck.  They would love to lead semi-normal lives once again and be able to stop crying and worrying and struggling and all the other sad and pathetic and horrific indignities they have had to endure no matter what they have to do.
This Country is so divided and that was proven way back even by our own fellow citizens.  The ones who called us lazy, drug-addicts, not wanting to work, just wanting freebies, et al.  The Unions threw us aside, the Media threw us aside, the Government did the same and ignored us as well, even some of our own so-called friends and associates did the same.  But the “unemployed 99ER family” stuck together by being there for each other in spite of all of the insults and the nastiness sent our way.  So I guess it does comes full circle now.
Myself, I am older and feel quite somewhat beaten down and washed out, but yes, I will gladly sit and stuff a Twinkie to get back the dignity I lost and try to regain some pride and self esteem and feel I have a purpose in life once again.  I will never stop fighting or advocating until the Good Lord sees fit!!!!
I truly and sincerely feel very sad for the people at Hostess because they, like us, did not deserve this, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do for them.  We have to take care of ourselves and our own families now.  I suppose it’s a dog-eat-dog world now, every man/woman for themselves, not a “let’s work together for and with each other world” like it really should be.
I have always tried to be a positive, good, hard-working person but just where did that get me?  We don’t want any pity for sure – just JOBS – and we will do whatever we must to take care of our own!
Talk to the people at Huffington Post who deal with the plight of the Long-term unemployed and then maybe you people will “get it”.  Read some of the stories on Facebook (that is the ones who are still fortunate enough to have Internet) which is a priority to find a job.
We don’t give a crap about who sleeps with who in Washington, that has been going on for ages.  Viagra and Martinis are probably the biggest sellers down there.  I truly feel a Bill should be created making it mandatory for any person working in Congress or in the Federal Government to have a psychological evaluation after a certain age.  There are a lot of whack jobs down there – time to get them out and put people with bright minds in there to run the Country. 
Thank you
What do you think?  How do you feel?  Where do we go from here?
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2 Responses to Have We Come Full Circle? 18,000 layoffs is this the end of Hostess?

  1. Cheryl Banks says:

    It is the same thing that Clear Channel did to the progressive Talk Radio Station in Portland, OR. They turned KPOJ into a Ugh, “Sports Station.” Of course, most folks will just tune into iHeart radio and listen to anyone of the good liberal Talk Shows in the rest of the nation on the Internet. It is a shame though for the Talk Show hosts whose income has now been reduced. Petulant rats!

  2. laura says:

    I have read several articles from this blog. While they thought behind them is good, no one in a position to help is going to. Presentation is everything. Whoever is writing this needs a refresher course in grammar. Poorly written articles are a real turn off.

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