Did Mark Zandi just admit to UI being false?

   The following article has a quote from Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics in an email to The Hill.  “I would extend the emergency UI program as it is currently configured as it will fade away on its own as the very long-term unemployed exhaust their benefits and the economy improves and unemployment declines below the program’s thresholds,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics in an email to The Hill. https://apps.facebook.com/thehillsocial/content/268589 

     The 99ers have been stating for 3 years that the UI rate is falsly falling because people are falling off the UI rolls.  The statement from Zandi clearly makes it clear that the UI rate will fall as people exhaust their UI benifits.  The debate is more to do with extending UI rather than how are we going to create jobs for the people who don’t have income.  The US gov’t knows that the exhaustion of UI benifits for American’s has continued since, March 2010.  In March 2010, the first group of 99ers was formed.  This group are the same one’s who fought for Unemployment Extensions.  In the middle of the recession these unemployed exhausted their Unemployment Compesation.  The last extension for UI was passed with an expiration date of Dec 31, 2012.  With the last extension the available weeks dropped from the 99 week maxium.  It is highly unlikely that in the debt discussions Unemployment Extensions will be included.  It seems even more unlikely that a jobs bill will be created for the unemployed in America.

    The jobs bills that have been discussed and proposed will not include any of the exhaustees.  The jobs bill that President Obama proposed if you read the context of the bill, is only for people currently collecting.  This jobs bill will need to be re-written as there are now more exhaustees/99ers than people currently collecting UI.  If the government continues to ignore this ever growing crisis.  There will be more job losses, more people effected.  Its time we take the time to really take this challenge on together.  Its time we address the CRISIS.

    To all those about to loose their benifits.  Know that your not alone and that your not the first to experience this.  Working together for a jobs bill for everyone is the way to guarantee that you will be the last group to experience this.  The crisis cannot be ignored any longer. 

    During the elections America’s concern for Unemployed/Jobs was at the top concern for Americans on every poll.  The deficiet was up there as a concern but never ranked higher than unemployment/Jobs.  So as the lame duck session begins and talks begins.  Many wonder will jobs every be addressed?  Will revenue in the discussion lead to job creation for both private sector and public sector?  Will the exhaustees/99ers be again left out of the equation? 

    If you think leaving out exhaustees/99ers is a good idea let me remind you.  Just because they dont count on the UI rolls, don’s make them any less unemployed, any stronger at being able to participate in the economy.  By leaving them out of the equation it will not make them any more viable for a new position.  Age discrimination, length of unemployed are  major problem’s in a country that is already short on jobs. 

      Do you think Washington will get its act together to include jobs in the debt discussion’s?  Or will it again be brushed under the table for another year of suffering?

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