In America the focus is always around what the stars are doing in their personal lives, what the news is saying, what media reports, and whose who in the national conversation.  I am here to tell people ordinary people together in support of one common cause can turn the media, politics and this country upside down if they only realized the power they wield.  Lets take the 99er movement for example.  Here you have a group of unemployed Americans, no money, all no names in the media circuit and on the political front.  Simple Americans who was quite satisfied with going to work everyday and paying their bills.  Right up until they lost their jobs, had no income and started to see many of them going homeless, committing suicides and wondered why the media and politicians was not at all concerned with the epidemic.  These ordinary Americans got together to form one united voice.  They bombarded media outlets, Washington and anyone who would listen.  Together they created a support group for each other.  Did they have money funding their group?  NO it was people powered.  The power of people is the only thing that can bring sanity back into this country and the driving politics that are set to destroy Americans lives.  Media responds to numbers, politicians respond to numbers.  The numbers have to be in such high amounts to drown out the money funding them.  It is possible to over come the money if we as Americans all stand up together and unite.  The 99ers managed to get all media to address them, from CNN, MSNBC, FOX BUSINESS, FOX NEWS, and every newspaper both major and local around the country.  They did this by being persistent and unified.  The market in America may be bought and paid for, but we the people are not.  Its time we stand up to fight TOGETHER as a community.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS COUNTRY.  We will become what all those people in power fear, UN-fooled by the message they are sending.  WE ARE NOT POWERLESS, we just are not using our power properly.  Its time we stop being divided by the side quests and start focusing on main street.  Its not time to roll the clock back 2 years, its time to create a new clock.  One that works for the citizens in this country.  PEOPLE POWER really does work history has proved this over and over again.  So I ask are you ready to wield your power for your community?  Are you ready to stand up with your neighbors and say enough is enough?  We must do this together or the country we all love so much will be lost forever.

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