Has the Lighbulb finally been lit for the Unemployed?


When I sit and think clearly about the reasoning of the Liberal Democrats, and the President as well, not even mentioning the plight of the long-term unemployed and the unemployed in general, it makes clear and perfect sense as to just why not.
When the original EUC (emergency unemployment compensation) went into effect for the 99 weeks, it was in the beginning of the President’s first term.  However, as it got much closer to the end, and with the main focus then being “re-election and campaigning”, the focus was taken off of the unemployed and put elsewhere.  Even though no jobs of any significance had been created by either Party, the unemployed became uncounted and invisible more or less, mainly by the Democrats.
Three years ago all you saw and heard on TV were the long lines at the U/C offices, that the rate was1 person for every 6 jobs, that there were no jobs being created, that the unemployed were this and that, then suddenly it all stopped.
MSNBC was highly focused for so long in the beginning on the LTU’s, then suddenly it went to the defense of the Unions, the Dreamers, the undocumented immigrants, the Middle-Income Working Class, College Students, the Elderly, the Medicaid and Welfare recipients, as well as many other issues relating to the eligible people already in poverty.  The focus on the Unemployed completely stopped!  We became the forgotten  and uncounted ones, not included in that other 98% of Americans at all.
There were originally 4 Tiers with a 5th Tier proposed in Feb. 2011.  However, that tier was never even mentioned or acted upon again by the Democrats.  This past year the 3rd and 4th Tiers have been stopped, even though there has been no significant job creation, and layoffs are still continuing everyday.  Businesses are still closing and being out-sourced, people are still losing their jobs and have been out of work for long periods of time, yet no one talks about it anymore.  They are attempting to have the Country believe that all is great.
However, with the Tiers being eliminated and 30,000 people losing benefits every week, benefits that THEY AND THEIR EMPLOYERS PAID INTO ALL THE YEARS THAT THEY WORKED, sure the U/C rate is bound to show a “significant drop”.  Hence, by January, when all the EUC is stopped, the U/C rate will be a wonderful bogus figure of probably around 6% making everything look great.   Well, ask someone who is unemployed just how great it is!!
As I have stated so many times, the unemployed do not want a “free ride” as we are accused of wanting, we are not lazy, or drug-addicts as depicted by our own fellow Citizens, who have us mixed up with the people scamming the system so well.  We WANT and NEED jobs which no one seems to mention anymore.  There are well over 25 MILLION unemployed people in the U.S. right now – no one is exactly sure of the exact number, because it’s been thrown aside by the News Media, the Politicians, the Activist Groups, et al.
President Obama made a statement regarding the DREAMERS and how they are the unknowing “victims” of something their parents did!  Well I ask you, what about the children of the honest, good men and women who have worked all of their lives to lose all that they have THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN – aren’t they deserving “victims” as well?  I suppose the new, astounding U/C rate coming out in January is more important then them!!
I hope the Republicans bring the unemployed situation up during their fiscal cliff talks, because we are ALL still out there, hurting more then ever before, yet have been labeled as non-existent by just about everyone, and the Media continues to state that things are picking up.  Maybe for the working people and the wealthy people, but not for the unemployed people.  If you know one just ask them what their “new life” is like!
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2 Responses to Has the Lighbulb finally been lit for the Unemployed?

  1. Hdtex says:

    Waiting for the refuglicans to act? Good luck with that…..they only obstruct!

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