Per the President of the United States.

After watching the President’s speech today on behalf of the WORKING MIDDLE CLASS and his request to contact members of Congress and tell them what an additional loss of $2000 per year would mean to Americans, I am prompted to write this.
I also had to laugh at the report on the Ed Schultz Show that the median income for a middle-class family is $50,000.  Not all families Mr. Schultz.
Since the President and the News Media insists that they are speaking on behalf of the other 98% of the Country, I would suggest that they, as they put it so bluntly themselves, DO THE MATH.
The UNEMPLOYED people are not part of the 98% WORKING MIDDLE-CLASS.  They also do not receive a median income of $50,000 per family.  IF, and I say IF, they receive benefits, their yearly family income averages anywhere between $12,000 to $25,000, depending on which State they live in and how many dependents they have.  This is based on PA rates.
Those who have lost their U/C benefits, have an average yearly income of NOTHING! They are NOT eligible for State Cash Assistance, only Food Assistance if they have dependents!!!!  They would love to worry about what they would do without an additional $2000 a year, but they have no one fighting for them except each other.
So please correct the “other 98%” figure and make it, I would approximate it to be more like the “other 78%”, since there are MILLIONS of LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS who have NO BENEFITS AT ALL!  Also, an approximate 2 Million who will lose their benefits at the end of this December.
They are sick and tired of being neglected and never mentioned.  Does everyone think they disappeared or just faded away?  They are out there by the MILLIONS and would love to have the opportunity to have the President fighting for them.  They would love to have JOBS just like the people the President if so adamantly fighting for!!! However, SINCE JOBS HAVE NOT BEEN A MAJOR CONCERN FOR EITHER PARTY FOR A VERY LONG 3 YEARS, they do not even have to worry about what they would do WITHOUT $2000 a year!!!!  Truly that is one worry they would all love to have for sure.  They all worry about things you people cannot even begin to conceive.
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