Remember When

Outsourcing is not a new problem.  This ongoing issue keeps spreading like a virus in this country, yet no one seems concerned about the true issues that America faces.  Remember when the American Dream was about owning your own home?  You know, the whole white picket fence dream.  Remember when the thought of opening a business was not as far fetched as it is now?  Remember when the corner store was owner operated instead of a corporate conglomerate?  The corporations have taken over America and we just cant seem to find our way back to the neighborhoods of America.  It seems the Global economy has flooded America and in turn so has third world America.  Why must we spend so much time placing blame on peoples beliefs rather than place the blame squarely on those responsible?  The blame should be on those responsible for making all the bad policies that actually put this country in the crippling direction it now faces.  Remember when the biggest challenge we had to face in the year 2000 was projected to be the baby boomers and social security?  Now, I believe we face more devastation than we faced in the years of the great depression.  What brought us out of the great depression? It was WAR and American industry.  Now in the year 2010 we are in TWO wars and still that has not helped us climb out of the depression we now face.  Why?  Because nothing is made in America anymore.  This country spends too much time building up every other country rather than focus on its own.

We walk around with judgments of each other and choose our friends according to their stature in life.  Those judgments have not changed much since the 1930′s. However, in the 1930′s you could have your whole family in your home without breaking a code violation.  It seems that housing, food and the profit margins of many are truly the ones running this nation.  Many sit snugly in their homes, completely unaware of what is going on right before their eyes.  Too many Americans are not paying attention.  Too many Americans don’t spend the time to research what is happening in the world around them.  They turn the mainstream news on and form their opinions from there, from a source that relies on public ratings rather than the ethics of journalism.  Politics for Americans are no better.  If you ask someone who has not paid attention what the difference is between a Democrat and a Republican, more often than not they would not be able to answer you.  My parents were guilty of that.  Years ago, when I became old enough to vote, I asked them which party they were registered as.  They replied a Republican.  I asked, “Well, what is the difference?”  They couldn’t answer.  It turned out they were true Republicans.  Why?  They were not in a struggling class.  They lived a very good life and possessed a comfortable retirement.  The world has drastically changed from the time when they were raising a family compared with the world of today, yet their beliefs and political standing have not changed.

Now, there are not enough jobs available for every American that wants one.  There are people who once owned their own home, car and worked F/T in some cases a F/T job and a P/T is more than almost non existent, it is extinct.  These people are living out on the streets.  Why?  Not because they have a drug problem, not because one day they decided to give up everything for which they worked so hard.  They are living on the streets because there is a job problem in the United States.

All the talk among the politicians has been nothing short of a waste of time.  While they waste their time with useless rhetoric, Main Street suffers.  The real question asked is, “How do we heal?”  If politicians held the answer,  this question may have been solved.  But on the contrary, it seems our politicians are proving once again they didn’t learn from mistakes made and so continue to make problems worse.  The longer it takes to fix the damage done, the more people will suffer.  Loss of jobs and outsourcing does not just affect poor people.  It is turning the Upper Middle class into the new poor.  Can this be perceived as class Warfare?  It is certainly starting to look that way.  There used to be tiers to the middle class: the upper-middle class, the middle class and then the border-line poor.  The lines between them have all but vanished.  I would certainly like to think that this is not an intentional act, but the fact remains that the middle class is falling apart and NO one is doing anything to stop it.  How long until all Americans are at war with each other?  How long until the destruction ends?  I don’t pretend to have an answer to that. What I do know is: until every American is put back to work, this county will not move forward.  It will not grow.  I think it is time for both sides to really look at who has done well during this economic recession.  Not just in terms of survival, but in terms of exceptional profits.  Unlike what the media and the government officials are pretending, the economy is not improving.  Rather, people have just lost sight of the American dream.  What will it take for everyone to place the American Dream on the forefront?  Certainly that is something on which both sides can agree.  So why do politicians not focus on that instead of elections?  Is power really all that Washington is about?  I hope not.

There is a certain group of millions out here that have not been able to produce in this economy and who have been ignored by both the Republican and Democratic parties.  The Democrats offered a bill a few times, but likely knew the bill wouldn’t move out of committee.  There is no risk in offering any bill if you know it is unlikely to pass.  The Republicans do not offer anything better in this plight for the unemployed (especially the exhaustees).  Instead of offering help, they have offered insults and no solutions at all.  How long can America go on in this way?  How long will the media continue to lie about the recovery?  We do not have a true recovery when there are millions who want a job but cannot find one.  This economy will never truly recover until every American that wants to work has a job with a living wage.  If a corporation wants to pay a cheaper wage then it should start lowering product prices too.  It is time tax paying Americans stop bearing the brunt of the economic suffering while corporations which rely on Americans to buy their products for their profit margin are allowed to grow uninhibited.  The unemployed bear the hardest burden of all.  Union members, teachers, police, and fire fighters may have had a burden to carry but the unemployed have lost everything.  Why are those that have not lost everything top priority?  Have Americans developed a false sense of entitlement?  The unemployed have known no entitlement they have only known loss for the last 3 years.  They have known fear on an intimate level and sacrifice is their middle name.

Together we can save Main Street from total devastation.  But the only way to do that is through saving those who have been hit first.  By saving them you in turn will be saving yourself.

I am not a writer.  Nor do I claim to be a economist.  But I think Main Street holds a better understanding of what is happening here and what needs to happen to improve the lives of American citizens.  An immediate goal of better understanding and subsequent improvement of American lives should be the primary focus of our decision makers.  We don’t need to sacrifice any more American jobs to get this country back.  We need to work together and rebuild our homeland industry for the betterment of our country and the betterment of future American generations.

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