Secret Negotiations regarding the Fiscal Cliff

While just checking out the “secret” negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff, I read that some items SPARED if the deal is not reached are Veterans’ and Military benefits, which is fine, and SALARIES OF THE CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS!!! Dear God in Heaven give us a break. This is ludicrious and totally unacceptable! You do not hear this on the News though do you?

Now regarding UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION INSURANCE, which in itself has been the best kept secret of all, particularly by the News Media, as well as the so-called Leadership in Washington, I would like to present some facts.

This phony and preposterous rate now being shoved in our faces of 7.7% is false to say the least. If the Bureau of Labor Statistics would send letters to every unemployed person who became a 99ER, (that is if they can find these people, since many have lost their homes, apartments, or are possibly dead) because they have exhausted ALL OF THEIR BENEFITS, they would see that the majority of them are STILL UNEMPLOYED.

To those of you who do not know what a 99ER is – anyone who does not have ANY income at all. It is also an unemployed person who worked most of their lives and received 99 weeks of U/C benefits or less. U/C benefits are only a small percentage of their weekly salary. The average rate is approximately $200 to $400 a week depending on their salary or their number of dependents. The 99 weeks is comprised of the origina; 26 U/C weeks, Tier 1 – 20 weeks, Tier 2 – 13 weeks, Tier 3 – 13 weeks, Tier 4 – 7 weeks and 20 weeks of Extended Benefits if their specific State was over a certain percent. A Tier 5 for 14 additional weeks was proposed in Feb. 2011 but never made it to the House of Reps. to be discussed. Yes I can hear everyone griping that this would be 113 weeks.

DO THE MATH BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN! The vast majority of these people worked 10 to 40 years plus of their lives so figure out the weeks they worked at a FULL SALARY and then figure out what they would get to live on for the rest of their lives, until they are able to find work, for 113 weeks at approximately $300 a week! Just an example – a person who worked for 10 years at $500 a week would have made $260,000 during that time, less taxes of course. Now that person is expected to live on $300 times 99 weeks, which is no longer even the extended time, since many states have cut off several of the Tiers. If my math is correct, that would be $29,700 BEFORE TAXES until they find work! Yet so many people have the audacity to complain and say these people are lazy and do not want to work and just want to sit back and collect “free money”!!!!

The recent people who have become unemployed do not even get the full 99 weeks. These are some of the very same people who so heartlessly stigmatized the long-term unemployed, mentioned above, until they themselves became unemployed. Now their tune has changed because the shoes are on their feet now so to speak. They will not even get over 47 weeks I believe – depending on their State Rules.

What they have to look forward to is the same as the LTU’S. Losing their homes and/or apartments, losing their cars, losing their Internet services, then their utilities, their credit ratings, their personal belongings they sell to survive, their health, dental, and RX coverage, their mental abilities to enable them to cope, and then possibly their lives. Yes, many LTU’s have died either by neglected and unaffordable health care or sadly by suicide. I have been working with them for over 4 years and please do not dispute these facts. They are not “secrets” among the LTU’S, they are just facts kept WELL out of the NEWS!!!

So if these so-called Leaders find it more an important issue to keep defending the illegal immigrants who “did nothing through no fault of their own”, then why in the name of God, if they do in fact believe in a God, do they not have any compassion or respect or care whatsoever for the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of UNEMPLOYED UNITED STATES CITIZENS WHO WORK FOR YEARS TO BE THROWN TO THE WOLVES AND NEGLECTED THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN? Can someone please explain this insane concept to me. UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION IS AN INSURANCE, NOT FREE STATE-ISSUED MONEY. UNLIKE WELFARE, YOU HAD TO HAVE WORKED TO RECEIVE UNEMPLOYMENT. THE MAJORITY OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE ASSISTANCE, EVEN THOUGH THEY WORKED IN THAT STATE AND PAID TAXES FOR YEARS, BECAUSE THEY ARE ELIGIBLE TO WORK! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT? HOW CAN YOU WORK WHEN THERE ARE NO JOBS????

When asked how the Bureau of Labor and Statistics get their figures, I was told they call and survey various housholds!! How can you call unemployed people if they do NOT have homes or phones? ALL UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE NEED TO SAY WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Every Unemployed Needs to call their Representative and tell them You ran on JOBS now show me you meant it. Jobs are the crisis and it needs to be brought to the table is this discussion. Washington needs to stop ignorning the crisis that is JOBS. Thats jobs for all.

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