Are the Unemployment Number Realistic?

Larry's Reality

I have been looking at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to understand the U1-U6 unemployment number better.  As I mentioned in my previous post, both the U3 and U6 numbers peaked 9 months after Obama first took office and then U3 number has gone down 21% while the U6 number has only gone down 15%.  This raises the question, what do these numbers really represent.

First question is “How do they do their sampling?”  They explain that they sample 60,000 households per month and no household is sampled more than 4 months in a row.  The people who do the actual polling are given a list of standard questions without any real indication of which questions are the most significant so that the pollsters do not unconsciously skew the data.  Only people who are 16 and older qualify for the poll (217 million people).  When all is said and…

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