Trials of the Unemployed

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I, and many other Americans in this mixed job market have are going through the trials and tribulations of being unemployed. I am like many would call a 99’er. What is a 99’er? Well, it’s anyone before the recent cut, had gotten unemployment insurance and exhausted all 99 weeks of it. Mines went from January 2010 to January 2012 with cuts from the federal government and a slowdown during my work-study stint. I can tell you honestly it was easy at first but I know it won’t last and worse it was even bad for me for someone who previously made a start of the decade promise to spend one real long vacation before I throw myself into the workforce because my job prospects before were a series of terrible events that broke me mentally, emotionally and physically just for the privilege of working for 8.50 an hour.

Today, I’m…

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