Michael Moore says “I won’t hire Non-Union for my production company”

     Last Night Michael Moore made the announcement that he will not follow the new law passed in Michigan.  He stated that he will not hire anyone who is not union for his company.  So I thought long and hard about his stance.  I wonder if this in fact does less good than what it was meant to do.  Is Michael Moore not opening up a can of worms here?  IF he as a company owner decides he can in fact hire whom he wants to why can other private companies not do the same thing?  I thought that maybe by him doing this he is in fact putting the Union workers in more jeopardy than they are already in.  To fight for workers’ rights for Unions is great for Union Members.  What about all the private sector unemployed Americans who are not part of Unions, not because of it being done purposely but let’s face it to get your foot into the door of a Union Company it’s all about who you know.  It seems that this opens the door to discrimination all over again.  What ever happened to who is the most qualified for the job?  Today it’s turned into a political war that is costing people their lives.  You have Unions for Unions, Democrats for Democrats and Republicans for Republicans.  I thought we were America people.  What happened to the melting pot in this country?  It certainly seems like the pot has boiled over and now there are separate pots for everyone.  The divide is segregating ages, colors, heritage and gender.  Not to mention sexual orientation.  You see people fighting for equality of their group…While stepping on another group for that equality.  How about we think more rationally here?  Equality means for everyone not just for some.  Enough of the focus of the bad apples in this country how about we give some noise for the ones who want EVERYONE to have a voice, who want everyone to have a job and who truly care about their neighbors, friends and family.  This is OUR country and only in Unity and working Together can we cure it.  Working against each other is not working in case you missed that.  So in closing I ask did Michael Moore do more damage than good by stating he will not hire anything but a union member?

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