Plant a Seed…….Help it Grow…..

America has been through a lot this week.  Newtown is still going through the loss of so many.  Something wonderful is happening through this tragic loss.  People are doing small acts of kindness all across America.  As you all know I usually write about the struggles of 99ers who have been unemployed way too long.  Today I wanted to share one of the small miracles that happen to remind us all.  That goodness really does exist is many people and its time we reward the good deeds of others.  Not by a name or a medal or even some recognition but rather by sharing their good deed and the impact it had on someone else.  I encourage us all to plant the seed and help it grow.  You don’t know how much impact one small gesture does for someone else. 


Today i went to the grocery store to get some food because we had nothing. I was down to my last twenty and determined to get the most I could with it. I tried to keep everything I bought for less than a dollar if I could and counted the entire time to make sure I was staying within budget. Finally when I managed to do a pretty damn good job I went to check out. A woman and I had both went to go in the line at the same time. I told her to go ahead of me but she insisted I go first and thanked me. I put everything on the belt and went to get my money and came to the realization it was gone. Whether it fell out of my pocket or I dropped it I wasn’t sure but I was devastated. I packed up everything and apologized and went to put it away. I then went out to my car crying because I couldn’t believe I did something so dumb. The woman came out and put her groceries in the car. She then came over to me and put twenty dollars in my pocket and simply said “go get what you need” and walked away. I managed a thank you just before she got in her car. This woman…whoever she is, is an amazing person and I only wish I could give her a better thank you. Whoever you are, thank you for showing me good people still exist. You are a hero


This was what was posted on my daughters Facebook page today…You see my daughter who is 22 and working 2 part time jobs trying to make it today is having a hard time.  I as her mother cannot afford to help myself much less my child….SO THANK YOU to the stranger that helped my child out.  Thank You for your kindness.  And thank you for being a hero today when someone needed one.

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