The Status Quo is no longer acceptable, it must change!

I have decided to reblog this rant because it has meaning…We need to stop the status Quo many are not part of the status Quo.


I have to tell you like many of you I’m sure, I have been no fan of MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough. But the words he spoke this morning rang truer than about any I’ve heard since becoming politically active. I look at how things are done,

What is acceptable in this country of ours and in the world and I know things are seriously wrong. This many people should not be suffering, hungry, homeless, sick, poor and dying from senseless violence!


The Status Quo is no longer acceptable, it must change!

I say this every time I see people arguing about the wisdom and inevitability of gridlock and pragmatic incremental change. If things were only slightly amiss, I’d be impatient with pragmatic change around the edges of our society’s problems. But things as we all just experienced in a horrible tragic way are far from slightly amiss. Things are terribly wrong. Too many are suffering unnecessarily mostly because of the greed and extreme ideology of a few. They have wealth and buy power and use that to extract more wealth and power. Somehow they convince themselves and others that the madness that allows so many to suffer is in fact sanity we must all learn to accept.


The status quo is no longer acceptable, it must change!

 The rude, rash and reckless must be pushed aside by the reasonable, rational and responsible among us. It is sad that it takes the unthinkable butchering of 20 little angels and six brave public servants to shake some of our people awake. It is sad that they could not until now see the horror of all the unnecessary deaths from a war on drugs that like all wars enriches the few and leaves too many broken and dead. It is sad that they could not see the horrible suffering from poverty, homelessness and hunger that the status quo masquerades as the reality of a sane civilized society.


Like Mr. Scarborough so many had accepted an ideology that told them that it was their individual right to do whatever was legally possible to avoid paying taxes regardless of obligation to the common good. It was their ideology of cutting the lifesaving services to the poor and elderly in service of a no tax cut pledge so they could keep their own jobs safe. But now at least on this one issue of gun violence Mr. Scarborough’s eyes and heart appears to have opened.


“Politicians can no longer be allowed to defend the status quo,” he explained. “They must instead be forced to defend our children.”

 Raw Story (


Yes Mr. Scarborough you are so right. Politicians must no longer be allowed by the people to defend the status quo and must instead defend all of our children! They must defend them from a greedy corrupt system that allows a status quo where one in five of our children live in poverty! They must defend them from a status quo that spends more on War and the War Industry than on finding cures for cancer, diabetes and heart disease that kill millions of our loved ones! They must defend us from a system that allows 7 of every 10 new jobs we create to be at poverty wages that lock millions into a cycle of poverty!


It’s not just assault rifles; it is an assault on common decency, an assault on sanity! It is putting the priorities of the greedy, rude, rash and reckless ahead of the priorities of the people that must change! We have to change things, we demand it! People’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires we put the safety of our children and the most vulnerable members of our communities ahead of your rights to do anything you want so long as it’s legal. The rude, rash and reckless must be pushed aside by the reasonable, rational and responsible among us.

Joseph Segal who writes at

This blog has no connection to this website.  However, we did want to share Joseph words with his permission.

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