Dear America You’re Hopeless!!!

I am amazed at the everyday banter about the fiscal cliff, the talk about saving unemployment benefits and protecting social security and paying off the debt that continues to grow.  It seems people like to hear things over and over again.  They enjoy living the repeats of Washington, DC.  They enjoy pretending this didn’t just happen 12 months ago or that this is first time unemployed will go without a UI check in the history of this recession and recovery.  I have come to believe Americans like fiction and they enjoy the person who gives it to them the most.  My blog would be far more popular if I wrote about purple dragons or even zombies coming in to take over a popular town here in the United States.  It’s sad that the culture of Americans have deteriorated so much so that we can’t even see what is being done to us slowly and painfully every day.  As we continue to divide and conquer on behalf of political right of lefts, we will slowly destroy America from the inside out.  I am not being over dramatic the fact that we have had 10 million unemployed in America who hasn’t had income for 3 years and yet all is quiet in the world says a lot about American’s right or left.  The fact that unions can’t look past their own problems to realize what happens to the rest of the public in fact affects them and that they are not in a hierarchy of the untouchables.  The fact we have politicians who can’t get along for more than 3 minutes to come up with a compromise to prevent everyone’s taxes from rising just shows you how much Americans enjoy a good show.  Not sure what it will take for Americans to realize this is not some reality show, its REAL and its happening NOW.  But the longer they take to wake up.  The more Americans will be lost to the streets.  Do I believe in miracles?  I do but this is one miracle that I don’t see happening without divine intervention.  Good Luck Everyone Pray for the awakening of the public and hope that we all eventually will realize it’s not about parties…ITS ABOUT PEOPLE.

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