Changing States Comparison

I recently moved from Rhode Island to Ohio.  The jobs crisis that has been happening in Rhode Island simply will not be improving anytime soon since double digit unemployment numbers has been occurring since 2008.  With UI rate still over 10% and no changes even in the plan people are deciding to move out of the state in rapid numbers.  In an article written by ABC 6 News out of Rhode Island it is discussed as to the possible reasons of why people are moving out in record pace.


As one of those Rhode Islanders who moved out of the state I have to admit moving to another state is not something made possible just by wanting to move.  It is a daunting task to pick up everything and move.  It was a far harder task to pick up and move with the clothing that fit in the car.  It’s an expense and a risk to pick up and move in the hopes of finding opportunity somewhere in America.  I know the reason why I left Rhode Island was pretty simple.  I cannot wait until Rhode Island addresses the jobs crisis without first ending up living in a box first.  So away we went 18 hours away to the state of Ohio.


    Moving to Ohio has been adventure.  I as someone who has been forced into following politics knew exactly where I was moving into.  I went from a Democratic state to a Republican State.  The real draw to Ohio was they were 8th in job creation and the cost of housing there.  Upon arriving in Ohio the most noticeable physical difference is where are the hills?  Flat land & farm land.  Certainly a very difference environment than where we came from.  No less beautiful but certainly a change. 


There is much difference to each state and not toting them as good or bad but they are surprising just the same.  In Ohio car insurance is far cheaper than Rhode Island by 2/3 cheaper. The rents are far cheaper as well.  In Ohio they have more mobile homes parks than the city like environment of Rhode Island.  Purchasing a mobile home is like purchasing a vehicle in Rhode Island so the cost to maintain a roof is vastly different.  Real Estate Costs in Ohio vs. RI are by 1/2 cheaper with Ohio to be the cheapest.  Taxes in both states are also by polar opposites, in Ohio you actually receive a bill for your child’s education broken down by grade.  This was a surprise to see as opposed to RI where all your taxes are filtered into one lump so you don’t see individually how much money goes to what program.  Fees for titles, license, and registration are pretty comparable with Ohio winning out on being just a bit lower.  There is no requirement in Ohio for emissions unlike Rhode Island where every two years you have to pay to get an inspection sticker for you to have the ability to drive your car.  This one surprised me but after time in Ohio and driving on their roads, people are much more spread out here.  There is no traffic jams, the highway don’t shut down every time it rains.  Everything is farther away here in Ohio and in some cases the grocery store might just be 30 minutes away and not due to traffic.  So I can see the need for emissions in RI and not in OH. 


I came here looking for a job so of course I would need to get some assistance until I locate a job at least for food.  So I was quite nervous on how difficult the state would be to qualify and how they worked.  I was very surprised at the differences in each state and even more surprised at who turned out to be a better state for assistance for low income families.  Filing for food stamps was pretty much the same for both states with the exception that OH will allow you to fax, email or mail your paper work. As some of you might not realize not everyone has the gas money to travel 40 minutes away to complete these tasks.  Rhode Island does not allow Fax, or email and you must appear in person for everything.  The largest difference I came upon is in fact their utility assistance.  I do not receive this program so I don’t know how hard it is to get approved but I discovered the program in my travels.  The program in Ohio far surpasses the one offered in RI.  In RI you get to apply for once a year for utility assistance that helps you by giving you funds towards your heating bill for the winter.  You also receive a lower rate in RI if you are on considered low income.  In OH they have a year around program for both electric and gas.  They qualify you according to your income and every month you bill is the same.  People on low income or gov’t assistance have much lower bills in compared to RI. 


Now I didn’t write this to compete against the states.  However, who would have thought that those mean republicans who hate America would have states that actually help people while they are down and help build then back up so as to not be forced to remain down.  Opportunity is not just about jobs.  When a jobs shortage occurs people always forget the basics go right out the window.  In RI the bills grow larger and larger while in Ohio they help you from digging too big of a ditch to climb out of.  I am encouraged that I didn’t listen to certain pundits who called states in the red horrible and the people in them evil.  To be honest, I have yet to go to one store in OH and not be met with a smile.  Still not enough jobs but the outlook here in Ohio gave us the ability to work on finding the employment we need and not destine us to poverty forever.  So now the biggest step that is left is Ohio creating enough jobs that this old person can then say.  Ohio has completed the full circle of Change. 

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