Hey! Washington We NOTICE

As we all know the elections are over, but in case people haven’t noticed the jobs discussion hasn’t ended, unless you in Washington, DC.  One would think that all is right with America when it comes to jobs.  News isn’t talking about it, politicians not a word, President Obama is preparing for his focus on immigration.  The debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff discussion and yet one of the major cures that is needed in the USA is running on Silent.  The past 4 years watching DC is like watching a really bad re-run over and over again.  It amazes me how politicians know what people want them to focus on and yet apparently they are incapable of multi-tasking.  Are we sure the unemployed are the unskilled ones in America.  It certainly appears to be that in fact, Washington, DC is incapable of looking at a simple math equation.  Less tax payers equals less revenue.  As less Revenue comes in the budgets shrink.  As budgets shrink what in fact happens is the need for people to rely on things such as food stamps, SSI, SSDI or cash assistance grows.  So as one side supports unions and the other side supports big business.  NEITHER side had focused AGAIN on the real crisis.  IT’S A JOBS PROBLEM and rolling it back a few years to save union jobs is not going to create revenue.  Giving more companies loopholes will not create jobs.  Let’s face it how many American’s are running to the store to buy a toaster in America.  Ignoring the jobs crisis has helped one business that no one likes to talk about though, funeral services.  The suicide rates have skyrocketed in men over 35.  Apparently men who worked their whole life and are now losing everything including their homes are not tolerating the wait for it moment that Washington, DC keeps promising.  Apparently the thought of going to the street as a homeless person is more than many can take.  Can you blame them?  So as Washington, DC goes on to another day of talking about their “box issues” the rest of America is moving along.  They notice when you don’t talk about jobs, especially if your one of the ones in need of one.  They don’t need a news station to know there is a problem out there.  They are living it daily.  So as the politician’s cheer each other for their victories.  Each VOTER sits at home and thinks.  Government thinks I don’t notice they are idiots and yet I as the unemployed person is the one being called the idiot.  Here’s to a great 2013…I can say that with confidence because 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 was right down there at the bottom.  Oh and if you’re a Washington insider.  We are not going to call you, we not going to send letters.  We been there done that, we will in fact remember and speak to anyone and everyone we can to make sure they are wide awake in America.  Seeing it REALLY is believing it. 

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