Martin Wicks

The latest ONS statistics (Office of National Statistics) show unemployment falling to 2,490,000. Yet the headline figures don’t tell the full story. For a start there are 165,000 people who are shown as ’employed’ who are on various government training, or work experience schemes, rather than in genuine jobs. Indeed they include those who are being forced to work for their Job Seekers Allowance, so they are not even earning a wage. They are ‘working’ for nothing.

It is widely recognised now that not only are there not enough jobs available for those who need them but there is a growing phenomenon of under-employment. In the five years since Sep-Nov 2007 there has been a decline in full-time jobs of 341,000 and an increase in part-time jobs of 660,000. Some 1,388,000 are in a part-time job only because they have been unable to find a full-time one. There are…

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