America’s Big Fail

Does the government really think people don’t notice what is happening right before their eyes?  As we have watched America dwindle down to nothing, it’s clear that some major discrimination and elimination in workers in America have been done on purpose.  In fact, they have chosen who the winners and the losers are in this country not by if they are willing to work.  They have in fact eliminated people according to age.  The fact remains there are millions who will never find work again.  Millions are destined to poverty for the rest of their lives.  The government decided in one fell swoop who should be silenced and who still remains to have a voice.  I guess they think people didn’t notice that older American’s are suddenly not hirable, not skilled to work in America.  Since when is someone in their 40’s not capable of flipping a burger at a restaurant but a teenager who has no experience and in many cases never even cooked at home the skills to do this job.  So why have they done this?

 Let’s review a little.  Corporations started outsourcing jobs to countries where America was building relationships.   Countries such as India who once had a large pool of third world in it have now grown their middle class exponentially.  Jobs moved overseas due to the ability to use internet fairly cheaply which caused location of the employee not to matter.  Meanwhile, in America companies was moving money overseas to avoid higher taxes.  Companies and banks was aware long before the regular public that a recession was about to hit.  So of course companies strapped down to protect their assets.  This started to happen in 2007 but went into full throttle in 2008.  Banks sent out notices to all employees of the banks especially in bank secrecy departments warning of the recession.  So if banks were warning employees of this coming why wasn’t the rest of America?  Once the recession hit let’s review what the government did to try to fix some of the problems. 

First, in 2008 the first thought of tier 1 was spoken about in the halls of congress among leaders.  Awareness of the amount of jobs that headed overseas and obvious to the numbers of money traveling with it.  It must have been obvious to the amount of taxes that lowered the revenue coming into the federal government.  We can guess and wonder how much they knew and how little they didn’t but fact of the matter it was happening and it was noticeable.  The response from the federal government was to bail out banks due to the housing crash.  So billons went to bail out banks and in many cases due to illegal practices that was being done by private sector.  So the government bails out the banks which of course didn’t improve jobs it just put a band aide on the bleeding the economy was going through.  In fact all it did was delay the inevitable.  So as the government added more debt for the tax payer the banks were made whole.  Now in America, when a company fails or banks fail it’s not felt out on main street till after this happens.  401ks of American’s been devastated but if you looked at the well-connected people in America their money was….out of the country.  So the government allowed the banks to continue to gamble with taxpayer money while the rest was safe.  As the economy crashed further more and more jobs got drained out of the economy.  More dependence on government happened.  The government didn’t decide to bail out people.  They decided to ignore it.  So as years went on and no jobs were replaced back into the economy the debt of the country continued to grow.  More people became poor and more debt for the government grew.  After 5 years of the country constricting people without jobs are in huge amounts and the debt went up along with it.  Still what has the government done?  Argue about everything that really didn’t need to be addressed to begin with.  The people have been left behind in this country and every bill passed in 4 years had nothing to do with benefiting them.  Makes you wonder if the government decided it was better to pick and choose what children they liked and let the rest go off into the sunset to die in the wilderness.  Once the government started it never once looked back at who they left behind.  They never stopped and realized we are in fact doing more harm than good.  They didn’t think it was wrong to bail out a bank and make them whole and not ask for them to pay it back, they never thought it was wrong that citizens united was passed and benefited those who was warned about a recession.  Most of the donors saved themselves with the warnings from the banks.  So in trust of the people the USA government failed.  They have allowed people over 40 to lose everything and the recovery for jobs isn’t to place until 2025.  Putting most of those people so close to retirement age that they will most likely never find a job again.  When retirement happens they most likely won’t have SSI and of course living so many years with nothing their retirement savings is gone.  I guess they thought the baby boomers was a big problem wait till generation x happens they won’t have a dime to scratch together.  The focus on college age kids just justifies that the government has no solutions for the near future.  Proof that they failed for millions of American’s.  So Congratulation’s America….you will now goes down in history just like Hitler did when he killed so many Jews.

 Congratulation’s America for yet another blotch in a country where while you run around telling other countries how great democracy is that you fail to tell them the other half of the truth.  In fact democracy and people power is only good when the corrupt nature of our own government didn’t exist.  Instead of doing it the obvious way Hitler did and walking them into the death chambers, you decided to sell it like a movie and lie.  This wasn’t a fictional movie you was making it was REAL and the REAL lives lost will be recorded.  It will be passed down to future generations.  Someone won’t forget whose loved one they lost and why it happened.  Ask a mother of a child killed by a drunk driver.  YOU NEVER FORGET.  Welcome to the years of AMERICANS BIG FAIL. 

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