UI RATES Myths and Facts

Let’s break down the problems on how the UI rate in America is derived.

 The system was set up before internet, before cell phones and before a population boost.  The UI rate is derived in two ways but I will discuss the problems with the system and why the numbers are not correct and could not possibly be correct in 2013. 

First, let’s discuss the survey and the problems with how the system is set up.  They call 100 homes in every state with a survey of very specific questions.  The surveys questions are specific to the small window of choices up until 2011 if you was unemployed past 2 years and participated in the survey you was not considered unemployed.  You were considered out of the work force.  Due to the recession and a group called the 99ers.  This length of unemployment was changed to 4 years instead of 2 in Feb 2011.  The survey questions are also not conducive to America’s crisis.  If you answer the question that you cleaned your neighbors bathroom for 20.00 last week, you was not considered unemployed.  You will be considered employed even though it was a onetime agreement with your neighbor to perhaps help you eat that week.  In America 82% of Americans own a cell phone and only 50% have home phone service.  The survey does not reach cell phones it only reaches home phone service.  Which leaves a very large part of the population out of the survey which 5200 calls is supposed to create a justifiable number for 300 billion people in America.  To say things are getting better is a lie of the worst kind in America.  The government who perpetuates the lie is one of the guilty parties.  They are all too knowing that the jobs crisis has gone unaddressed.  We have professors out there perpetuating the lie with using the government’s figures without question.

 An example that needs to be explain is simple math….in 2009 (the height of recession) we had over 15 million unemployed in America, jump ahead 99 weeks(max limit for UI checks) 2011 we still had over 14 million unemployed Americans…In 4 years 5 million jobs have been created…WHERE DID ALL THE FIRST 15 million go?  In truth we have over 25 million unemployed in America and 40 million underemployed in America.  How they derive the numbers of unemployment is such an ancient method and is in need of major updating for the America today.  That won’t happen until they have adverted the crisis in America which doesn’t seem to be a priority for anyone in Washington, DC either party is not concerned about the jobs crisis.  Neither one can point me in the direction of a bill that would help in the short term for Americans out of work for 2 or more years.

 NOT ONE PROGRAM has even been offered.  You do have to wonder if the knowledge that how the UI rate is derived is false and kept that way due to a major cover up.  The fact is they don’t have a clue how to solve the crisis.  FACT is they DON’T WANT TO SOLVE THE CRISIS.  They would prefer to send the message things are getting better.  That message fools Wall Street investors from pulling their money.  Encourage companies to hire with no demand.  Talk about a Ponzi scheme.  We the people need to use our heads before WE ARE ALL living a third world America not just the first 15 million 99ers who have been forgotten and trampled on. 

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