Advice From The President!

So the President gave advice to people in the middle east the other day while in his travels to the middle east.  He stated that politicians will not take risks.  That the people must push the politician’s to take risks be the change you want.  So As a unemployed American I must question this advice.  Since the government is not addressing the crisis Do I then have to blame my fellow citizens who are working for nothing getting done.  The government apparently DONT think its enough that there is 14.% of Americans unemployed.  Unless the people of the country stand up with the unemployed NOTHING WILL HAPPEN?  Is that really how a democracy works so long as there is not some uprising somewhere with huge numbers taking to the streets that in fact politicians of America will pay attention?  If this is how the government is working then in fact its broken.  You have become to accustomed to catering to organized groups who promise their members support.  Americans out of work shouldn’t have to form some big organization with money funding them in order to have a voice in a Democracy.  Furthermore, we shouldn’t need to blame and divide to get a crisis addressed. 

     Furthermore, the CEO’s and business owners who are complaining that they cant find people to take the jobs they have to offer because too many want to stay on the dole.  HERE’s some advice from one of those you like to call unskilled, unemployable and lazy.  If you in fact offer someone a job and they refuse it.  YOU HAVE the right to report that they refused the job and guess what.  The UI check will end.  Lets enforce laws that already exist.  Stop making horrible statements to cause harm to the millions of unemployed who would be happy to have a job offer.  Would jump, leap and cheer for a face to face interview.  You making the situation worse by creating lies.  IF there is any CEO out there looking for an employee I have a whole data base that I would be glad to find the right person for your company. 

President Obama dividing the unemployed from the workers is not a good idea for America.  It needs to stop.  I wont blame the citizens who are working and just not aware of what is happening to their neighbor, family or friends.  I put the blame exactly on where it needs to go.  The CAUSE OF THE RECESSION and the ignoring of the crisis that was created DUE TO some bad policies that did nothing to help WE THE TAX PAYERS.  Yes we all need to care about each other.  But to feed the Special Interest of groups who already have a voice in Washington is a game many unemployed are not interested in playing. 


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