AFL your idea offers DIVIDE…99ers offers TRUE UNITY.

So I came across an article from the AFL-CIO Union President Richard Trumka.  In the article Mr Trumka looks to remake the labor union.  From a quote from article “Instead of saying to our community partners and the  civil rights movement or the Latino movement, ‘That’s your issue and this is my issue,’ they’re going to be our issues, and we’re going to work together,” Trumka said.  Anyone that has read my blog about 99ers dealing with Unions.  We have said that to them for several years.  Now that unions are under pressure with “Right to Work States” they now claim they are going to seek a more formal alliance with other key elements of the Democratic Party’s liberal base, including civil rights organizations and women’s rights groups.  Would this in FACT be DISCRIMINATION?  when it’s coupled with this statement? “The labor movement is definitely in a period of change,” Trumka said. “We’re no longer going to allow employers to decide who our members are. We’re going to decide who our members are. We’re going to open up our arms to people who want to join our movement.”  Since when is labor only for democrats?  Labor is something that effects both sides of politics.  If the labor Union is going to only cater to Democrats then GUESS what This is Blatant discrimination.  So here we have a labor union stating we want to work on each others problems.  But the one big thing they left out of the equation is Mr Trumka the HUGE pool of UNEMPLOYED.  As we know from the history of the 99ers written in my past piece. We know that this is not a new announcement for Unions.  They clearly was already doing this.  So what should the 99ers do?  Call them out on their bluff or expose them for the BS that it appears to be.  Mr Trumka I know you think that the labor union somehow only represents democrats when it comes to policy but sadly your wrong. LABOR is not something that should be a democratic or republican IDEA…ITS A concern for all.  So instead of perpetuating the DIVIDE, learn what LABOR is supposed to mean we all know you have been so distracted by running to Washington to lobby for your paycheck.  We all know that the unions numbers are falling.  You know what happens when those union members become unemployed?  They then can’t pay your dues and in turn guess what THEY BECOME A 99er…True Unity is about PEOPLE not about Politics.  So if your going to use our quotes without quoting us.  If your going to use our planning ideas without truly understanding what they mean.  YOU WILL FAIL.  Because the 99ers know what TRUE unity means.  The 99ers are the best labor movement out there WHY?  Because WE want a VOICE in our Country that don’t require us to have a high paid lobbyist.  We want jobs for all.  AFL your idea offers Divide while the 99ers offer TRUE UNITY I would suggest you rethink things. 

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