We are six years into a jobless recovery.  Not much has changed in the fight for jobs in America.  We still have Congressmen and Senators either fighting for cheap labor or union labor.  Both sides have failed the people of the United States of America.  The labor Unions failed their members.  As I look back to when we started organizing in 2010 the predictions we had that have now come true are quite chilling as well as disturbing.  When you have a jobs crisis the most logical group that we as 99ers thought would work with us was Unions.  As we discovered this apparently should never have been assumed.  We predicted Unions would be hit next and the Unions laughed at us and basically told us to “Shoe Fly Don’t Bother Me”.  What the union leadership failed to realize is the big picture that was happening.  They were creating a whole pool of educated, skill employees who could in fact walk across the picket lines to do the jobs of the many strikers.  Unions call them “scabs” I call them desperate Americans who just want to keep a roof over their heads.  Why didn’t the union members notice that in 2010 when unions started getting attacked the standard reply to these companies was to threaten “strike”.  Your Union took more concessions through the last several years; more furlough days, higher medial contributions, raise freezes.  All the while besides a few side unions that went on strike the big Unions never went on strike.  Did you ever stop to think WHY?  While you all ignored the jobless the world was creating leverage against you.  You basically were squeezed so hard there was no room for bargaining.  There was a huge pool of educated, skilled people willing and desperate enough to step in to do the job.  The 99ers was leverage and the unions ignored the one weapon that was used against them rather than create some Unity with them. 


    Well we can’t go backwards now.  More people have lost their jobs; Union numbers are down because they exhausted their UI benefits and in turn can’t afford to pay union dues so they are now part of the 99er crowd.  The only jobs being discussed are jobs for HB1 and HB2 visa participants.  American jobs not on the agenda.  Now sure every once in a while you will see 1 politician mention in passing a jobs bill.  These bills would give Union members their jobs back or encourages low wages to benefit companies.  Apparently they really do believe their own lies.  What bothers me the most is how union members don’t see even if you get your job back?  You are still ignoring the LEVERAGE that exists in the millions out there.  I don’t enjoy being leverage but if I am going to be ignored Maybe that’s exactly what I need to start using is the leverage we wield as a group.  Maybe it’s time we start being selfish after all everywhere we look that’s all we see.  Unions wanting to save themselves, politicians wanting to save themselves, political organizations wanting to win their elections, corporations wanting to improve their profits, it certainly seems like the 99ers are not selfish enough.  Solidarity will never happen, less corruption is not going to happen and Unity is definitely not on the rise.  It looks like the next election has already been placed in the priority boxes and again the unemployed need to just wait.  

 Stop waiting for something to happen…

 Join with us and we’ll Make It Happen


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