When America Became A Boardroom Rather Than A Product Of The People

Imagine whats its like to live in fear for 3 years….Imagine having the feeling you have no control over your future or your kids future.  Imagine watching the world around you crumble knowing you are only the first of many who will experience this fate.  Imagine the world around you being judgmental and hateful only for them to realize their turn is coming.  Imagine when the government used to work for the people at least 20% of the time and now it don’t work at all.  Imagine watching people make decisions that effect your today and your tomorrow without a care in the world for how it effects people.  Imagine knowing you will be homeless and there is nothing you can do about it.  Imagine what its like to look at your children and know tomorrow is the day you will have to say goodbye.  Imagine the worry and pain a family goes through when your child’s says I am hungry and there is nothing you can do..THE 99ers don’t have to imagine this they are and have lived it for 168 weeks and growing.  They have taken the insults, the pain and the condescending attitude of people in America.  They have played by the rules even during a time where desperation has set in..They have waited and watched the wait n see game that everyone has asked them to do for so long now.  The anger the frustration and the desire for the light at the end of the tunnel they so desperately want to see that never comes.  WE THE 99ers didn’t create this mess.  But we have paid for it in so many ways that no one could understand.  We have paid with our savings, our health, our security, our hope and our dreams.  We don’t deserve the treatment of ignorance that is a common acceptance in America.  We don’t deserve to be ignored.  One has to wonder if playing by the rules didn’t work for them will it work for no one.  The 99ers know all about sacrifice…and its painful to watch others start to realize that the sacrifice is on their doorstep.  Its a painful reminder everyday.  That the ones who feel entitled in America are not the poor, the unemployed, the elderly but rather those that have taken and taken and only want more in a society that was once UNITED.  The same ones who would ask those poor people to have their sons fight wars to protect their investments, the same ones who want the profit margin to grow every year no matter the cost of the community around them..Those same people who have stopped running all those commercials for how they care about community and people in need.  When America became a boardroom rather than a product of the people its no longer America.  Its now just a modern day noble crowd looking to rule with power.  America was built on caring, understanding, acceptance and above all FREEDOM.  When not all citizens are living in the freedom then that country no longer exists…The 99ers have watched the America that their ancestors who died protecting has all but slowly disappeared.  The 99ers should be a reminder of what is coming to your doorstep soon.  Feeling defeated wont save this country…ITS just too bad that it wont be saved for all.  Wow imagine how that will be recorded in history…America played favorites among its citizens where you one of the lucky ones it recognized?  Or were you one of the ones that they deemed as not important….Remember where we came from….AND LOOK where we ARE GOING…America is United no More.

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