Organizer in Chief

America is a place where everyone is supposed to have a voice if you want one.  Unions was a place where employees was given a voice in the business world.  So with high unemployment in America the logic is grow Unions.  Give people a voice in the labor market is what Unions was designed to do.  Over the last several years labor unions gave a voice for Labor but only for their members.  Leaving out the majority of workers in this country.  So a voice for labor for regular private citizens is missing.  If you’re not in a Union, or the owner of a Big Business your voice is not heard regarding Labor. Is this what democracy looks like?

We have a President who is acting more like an Organizer in Chief than a President.  Collecting emails, phone numbers in order to organize the crowd to show up when a certain agenda needs to be pushed.  What we don’t have is a leader who does right by Everyone in America but only the ones who are willing to herded to the next Grand push.  The Unemployed in America rejected this idea where I should have to belong to a group in order to have a voice.  For them its simple.  There is a jobs crisis Fix it.  Republicans, democrats and Independents across America are part of the unemployed group and they not interested in going to stand at a rally, sign a petition or make a call for anything that has nothing to do with the growth of Jobs or the economy.  Our Organizer in chief isn’t understanding their voice.  They don’t want to get an email once a week from the White House or the party representative telling them what bill you’re pushing this week that has nothing to do with jobs.  In fact it’s reminding them of exactly how little concern you have for jobs.  I get all the emails, it’s very telling to get 10 emails about guns, gay marriage and immigration reform and how the republicans are blocking this bill or that one.  I guess it doesn’t make them wonder.  If your unemployed and have gotten these emails for years it reminds you how much the democratic party cares about you and your inbox is filled with every other agenda that is not about JOBS.  That’s what organizers do not Presidents.  The Republicans are no better because I also get those emails as well regarding what agenda they are pushing as well.  Lately they talking about jobs but with not a lot of substance to Real solutions.  The unemployed are interested in ONE thing and One thing only. JOBS….REAL LIFE AMERICAN JOBS.  One that give’s them income to pay their bills.  We don’t want to be organized into some party politics, We don’t want to be herded for some rally, We want to go out and work and earn a paycheck in order to house, feed and cloth ourselves.  So who ever thought trying to organize Americans into this Organizing mess that politicians have used to get elected got it all wrong.  We are tired of being invited to the party with nothing there for us to eat.  We want JOBS on the Menu.  So Mr. Organizer in Chief stop trying to get more Union members, Stop trying to get more supporters for Democrats….DO YOUR JOB if its done well….people will Support you.  Just like the old saying….IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME.   Until then don’t tell me about it.

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