99ers React to Govt Shutdown Debacle

I have watch with frustration over the last few days everyone Whine about people being out of work for a few days, maybe a week, maybe even 2 weeks has irritated me. You want people like me to have sympathy for you? There are over 20 million people who have been unemployed and out of a check for over 3 years. Where was your concern for them. I cant help but say or think to myself when I hear their complains….CRY ME A RIVER….You don’t have a clue what its like to SUFFER, TO LOSE, to be out of work with no job. I cant watch the selfishness of people who scream ITS ALL ABOUT ME….It just proves to me this country is all about picking winners and losers and it reminds me how little the democrats or the Republicans are concerned with those people. I am sorry but when you have walked a day in one of the 99ers shoes in the last 5 years…THEN YOU WILL HAVE MY SYMPATHY…When you are the one who gets the calls of tonight is the last night in my house and I am ending it all, and you have to try to figure out how to convince this STRANGER giving up is not an option. When you have to plead and beg for people to give someone a couch or help some stranger because they have hit rock bottom and Going homeless is all they have…Maybe then I will have sympathy for you struggle…Until then I am sorry You will find no sympathy from the 99ers. You will find no sympathy from the unemployed…..As far as politics go. YOU WILL FIND NO SUPPORT from them either….YOU MUST COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS not just sell the suffering that you have not endured like some political football….SO no I don’t care if people will be out of work for a few days….Because as many of those people said to us. “Its not our problem” Its sad this country can only provide sympathy when it hits their door, when it is suddenly their CRISIS….I am not a selfish person but I have experienced and watched many selfish people playing politics. Do the RIGHT THING? Tell that to the people who are living on ZERO with nothing left to loose…..They are the only ones NOT EFFECTED BY A SHUTDOWN because they haven’t had a lifeline thrown to them in over 3 years….

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2 Responses to 99ers React to Govt Shutdown Debacle

  1. Pam says:

    I just received a phone call from Al Franken’s campaign. I don’t live in Minnesota anymore. I moved back to Kansas when I could NOT get a FT/Perm job there after doing an IT internship at Mayo. I gave the lady that called an earful even though she said she had been in my boat herself. I told her that nobody in Congress or our government is championing our cause and we have a 1 day shutdown and all Hell breaks loose. This lady even mentioned someone she had talked to earlier that said her husband was the main breadwinner and if he doesn’t work, they don’t eat. Well, cry me a river. Most of us have been down this road for YEARS and nobody is robocalling anyone on our behalves. Instead, people want to attack us and say we are lazy and milking the system. No, we are dying out here. Our self-esteem is shot and any optimism for the future is virtually non-existent. Why have we been forsaken?

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