First Legislation offered for 99ers job creation

     Today is March 2, 2014 and for the first time since March 2008.  I have some legislation to talk about for the unemployed forgotten.  This legislation will be the very first bill ever written for this group since the start of the recession for job creation.  I know many democrats will read this and say no President Obama offered a jobs bill that the republicans blocked.  In truth, that bill was only for people who were currently collecting unemployment benefits.  Never, has a bill been legislated, offered or voted on for the people considered “Out of the Workforce” or otherwise known as 99ers.  The absolute shocker that I will reveal is its offered by a republican.  The bill is not nearly big enough to fill the huge gap of people who need jobs in an economy that isn’t growing like Washington likes to claim but it’s something.  After, many years of advocating, writing, media and research, Could it be finally we have at least one politician who admits we didn’t count in the unemployment rate and that by addressing this group that is true growth and opportunity is what needs to be addressed immediately? 


    The unemployed should support this bill.

    This bill not only acknowledges that there is far more than 1.8 million unemployed (long term unemployed) but it also gives this group an advantage for hiring for the very first time since this crisis began.  The one thing that will go down in history is the very first bill to every address the forgotten 99ers was offered by “those mean old republican party” The democrats had plenty of opportunity to offer something they chose to ignore this large pool of citizens.  The democrats perhaps have made a very calculated huge mistake.  Will they make another mistake by not supporting this bill?  Will they dismiss it? The people living this crisis are watching they are not fooled by the I care at election time speeches.  They wanted action with real solutions. Is this the first step in creating solutions for people?


    I encourage all unemployed to call their legislators and make them aware of the proposal.  Tell them that we are aware of the bill and support anything that will help these forgotten to get on a path to rebuilding their lives.  It’s time to legislate.  The official 99ers response for this bill is we support it.  We acknowledge that this bill if passed will help those out of the workforce due to no fault of their own.  I will give them an advantage that companies might just utilize.  This is exactly what the long term need to get on their feet again.  Is it big enough? Probably not but it’s a start compared to NOTHING…

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One Response to First Legislation offered for 99ers job creation

  1. susannunes says:

    This is all election year posturing. Congress has NO intention of doing one thing about the jobs crisis because they are using the massive numbers of unemployed to help drive down wages and salaries to third world levels.

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