America Is Failing in its Universal Mission


The United States of America is facing a severe overpopulation issue due to a massive influx of individuals from other countries seeking opportunity and freedom in our great country. With the rising number of people who need jobs and want to work, work opportunities are becoming more and more rare, and I see America failing in it’s universal mission of world liberty and the national prosperity of our working class backbone. We the people of the United States of America, have the responsibility rested on our shoulders of providing the world with freedom and opportunity, and this simply cannot be achieved without a comprehensive immigration system that functions in support of both hard working Americans, and liberty seeking foreign nationals.

I propose a limited duration solution to this growing border crisis, by enforcing strict documentary regulations of the past that can be applied right now and in the future. America cannot survive the current immigration situation without us first stabilizing our employment market and national economy, in order to support and protect the well being of our foreign, liberty loving neighbors.

Our borders need to be temporarily shut down to allow our nation and our government to account for and stabilize the millions of foreigners already in the United States living in poverty. These people need help, and these people are entitled to the same inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as every natural born American. We, America, cannot achieve these noble goals without first pacifying the poverty stricken masses right here – the homeless Americans, the unemployed Americans, the struggling Americans living week to week or month to month, always waking and wondering whether or not their children will be able to eat that day.

If we as Americans, cannot even take care of our own citizens, what will happen to the rest of the freedom seeking patriots that dream of American liberty when they arrive in our country only to find poverty, sickness and death? We the people need to rise up, and address these issues that strain our economy, that drain our pockets, that starve our children, and fix this broken immigration system, so that America will once again achieve the greatness dictated by our Declaration of Independence, not just for Americans, but for every human being that loves freedom and liberty, and who just wants their chance at the American Dream.

* Anonymous


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