Main Street VS. Unions



 So as the battle for passing EUI continues an interesting event has happened. The Union groups are supporting a brand New bill introduced 6 months after the Emergency Compensation has expired and main street unemployed are pushing  a bill that was introduced  a few months ago that includes retro.  Are they the same bill since they both extend unemployment?  Well in the sense it extends the tier system from dead to alive again yes.  But there are some differences.  One big difference between the bills are that  the “New” EUI bill extends  UI for 5 months  so that the unemployed can “pick up” where they left off(so long as their states UI rate hasn’t fallen in the last 6 months), it also adds unemployment extension benefits under the Railroad unemployment Act for 12 months.  There is no retro in this “New” bill so some will receive the extensions and some will not since tiers are based on the UI rate and the Railroad Act is not effected on the unemployment Rate.   There is NO RETRO in this bill as written so far.,%20Heller%20Introduce%20New%20Bill%20to%20Extend%20Unemployment%20Insurance%20Benefits.pdf


   Main street unemployed are pushing for HR4415 which asks for retro payments for 6 month extension as well as (Sec. 5) Amends the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act to extend through 6 months, the temporary increase in extended unemployment benefits.


     So one has to wonder who will win this battle.  Will it be the Unions who have money to pay lobbyists in Washington or Main Street Unemployed who are broke and don’t have a high paid voice in DC.  Today the Senate approved HR803 which is a skills bill that Speaker of the house wanted to pass to attach to the unemployed Extension bill that was sent to him from Senate.  Now that the bill needs dates changed the Senate decides to change more than just dates to their newest proposal.  So let’s sit back and watch WHEN MAIN STREET battles UNIONS and how it ends.  Will Washington know it’s being watched for how they represent regular citizens without a lobbyist or will the lobbyist win again? 

   After a bill like HR803 got pushed by these unemployed and got passed with only 3 Senators voting NO.  This bill has been attempted to be passed for 11 years, with the support of ALL the unemployed to only end up being left behind with something less than they bargained for, while looking for jobs and fighting to move this country in a forward motion for JOBS.  I truly hope that Washington DC understands that it’s time to listen to “We The People” Our special interest democracy is demanded by the people.   Don’t send them the message that money buys your vote and takes your word away. 

    Update for the 99ers out there.  HR803 when passed in the house will allow you to participate there are some paid training programs so look for it in your area coming soon.  Next up is S2260 which includes a hiring incentive for hiring the long term unemployed and yes that includes the 99ers as well.  That bill is out of committee in the Senate and is expected to be voted on when Senator Reid decides to allow it to the floor. 

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