With the elections looming in the near future the government propaganda machine and the “Lame Stream Media” have shifted into overdrive with the release of the latest U3 unemployment numbers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics touts the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1% the lowest since September 2008 when this country began its economic free fall. They claim there are 9.5 million people unemployed in the country today. If this were only the truth.

The opponents of the present governments’ administration (mostly Republicans) come up with their own numbers to contain the debate and exclude the truth from participation. Fox News (the false prophet of the Republicans) ran a story on the unemployment rate using U6 numbers. Those numbers don’t show as rosy a picture as the present administration. The unemployment rate is still stuck in double digit territory at 12.1% with more than 18.7 million people looking for fulltime work. But the sad thing is this is not the full truth.

What are the real numbers that that all politicians (Republican & Democrat) and the “Lame Stream Media” refuse to admit to? If one were to look at the unemployed who want a job but have become “discouraged” or who have “dropped out of the labor force” or who have “not looked recently” because there are no jobs out there, then the unemployment rate would be at 23.1% with some 35.9 million looking for fulltime work. The rosy unemployment rate of 6.1% is a clever creation of blue smoke, mirrors and the disingenuous Bureau of Labor Statistic definitions where over 25 million Americans who desperately want to work are defined into non-existence.

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