I am done begging for your attention Mr President

                                    Dear President Obama,


                                           For 6 years America has had a jobs crisis.  This crisis started before you became President and in those 6 years more than 20 million Americans have lost everything, gone homeless and in some cases committed suicide.  I have advocated, networked and educated over the last 5 years for the 99ers the group the government likes to pretend don’t exist.  This group is large and needed a voice.  I have reached out to every organized group out there, every politician out there only for the concern that is the reality of this group to fall on deaf ears.  I am formally informing you that I am done asking democrats and liberals to care about the “out of workforce”.  I am done begging for you and your party to do the right thing.  I get it you’re not interested in those millions. It’s not on your agenda and hasn’t been.  I am done watching democrats every year beg for more unemployment benefits while ignoring those that already  exhausted their unemployment benefits and can’t get hired at McDonalds to flip hamburgers.  It’s been made perfectly clear you are not concerned for those American’s.  It’s been made clear that your party is not looking to get those people off the streets or help them find employment.  I am done being insulted and told its all my fault I can’t find a job.  I am sick of being told. I must pick a box that the democrats are concerned about and fight for that and wait….i am done paying attention to the “We care” party.  I have watched you tell me that the republicans are to blame look at them…So I did.  I went and looked closely now there are some things that republicans say I don’t agree with.  However, the one thing they can say that democrats can’t say is that acknowledge the huge numbers of “out of workforce”,  the lack of opportunity, the need for jobs and the amount of people needing welfare in America are at record numbers.  I followed the rabbit hole and your right.  Look to the republicans for my solutions.  Apparently after 4 years of begging. I was asking the wrong side.  The party of “we care” wasn’t interested in anything other than guns, gays and immigration reform.  So I guess its time to give the republicans a try.  To see if they will speak up for those of us who don’t have a lobbyist.  What do I have to lose?  Certainly not your attention. 


                             Signed…..I am sick of being ignored and tossed aside.





13 extensions of Unemployment and not one jobs bill for 99ers.

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