I Have Not Changed Direction

     Just so ALL are aware I have NOT changed course. We have 90 million people “Out of the Work Force” yes 90 million. Now some say help everyone, and some say help Americans First. My personal opinions are not relevant. What is; I dedicated myself to help the unemployed and underemployed and when there is 90 million people Out of Work I see a huge problem.
People may think I am mean or heartless. I am not, my own Grandfather legally immigrated here. I see reality though and the reality is this for decades we have helped everyone but our own. I cannot change this, only the voters can. I made a decision this week to try and help change this.
Yes I feel bad for the children, but I also ask what about our children? We have crime, we have murder, we have sex abuse, we have homeless children, starving children and suffering children. What about them? Who will help us? What happens when America does collapse? Because they dont seem to be fixing it anytime soon. So what happens?
      I fight for Americans and Legal Immigrants- I do not have time to fight for everyone. You are free to Stand Up for what you feel is right and I will Stand Up for what i feel is right. So If you can handle me going to anti-illegal rallies, which yes I will continue because I think it is beyond cruel that we have NOT notified the World that we are no longer stable. We are cruel to NOT say hey the “American Dream” no longer exists and we are cruel to not stop it, because their future is our future and I myself cannot live with the guilt of being ten years from now and 110 million people are Out of Work and I didn’t try to stop it.
FYI I spoke to counter protestors, they did not know 90 million were Out of Work, they were SHOCKED to hear this and YES it terrified them to think of what about in ten years. Then they responded with we need actual immigration reform and the U.S. needs to notify the people coming that there is NO JOBS. So YES I will continue to attend Rallies and educate the counter protestors because it could actually change things.
      So if you can handle that I will DO everything and anything within the Law to ensure the Unemployed are heard, have a Voice and that solutions are fought for then stay, but please don’t attack before you go, i am only a woman, I do have feelings and I can only make decisions based on what I think is right.
      I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR JOBS! I know someday if we stand up then change can happen, but if we continue to just say we have NO control then change will never come and all the children coming to America for safety and a future will have NO future either.
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