Why the Unemployed Won’t Vote for Harry Reid

What I don’t get is I told everyone about the phone call to his office where I was not put on hold as I should have been and heard Reid state the unemployed were entitled and lazy. Or the fact we proved that Kildee chose to throw us under the bus for a new bill instead of our original back pay. Or that they didn’t sign EUI into the budget but instead gave the money for illegal immigrants. Or how about s2038 that Reid said he wouldn’t even consider because it was written by a GOP despite the fact it would have helped about 10 million unemployed. Or how about how Reid refused to bring S2260 up for a vote because the GOP liked it, despite the fact it was written by a Dem and had a hiring bonus for the unemployed. Or what about Toomey’s 1 year EUI extension bill that Reid wouldn’t allow because it has a job bill in it. I can go on and on. Or what about the broken promises from the entire Dem Senate that they would help the unemployed but when we finally got HR803 into the Senate the Dem Senators blocked anything being added to it despite the WIA so even if Boehner was going to hold up his end he couldn’t because the Dems blocked the bill tree. Or why didn’t any of them help us Rally? Even though they were asked over and over to help. I wont even mention the new bill they wrote which excluded millions of the unemployed yet would give unions a one year eui extension and the very people fighting would if at all qualify get a minimum of one month. Maybe I was the only one actually contacting the Politicians, maybe I wasn’t but after 10 months of pushing job bills and any kind of help why was it only 10, yes 10 democrats replied to a single thing I sent on behalf of millions and of those ten only Wyden acted on our behalf but got blocked by Reid, however all but 22 GOP replied yes almost the ENTIRE GOP party replied to my contacting them with they would help us get JOB BILLS and gladly sign EUI with a JOB BILL. Sorry but when you see 1st hand who is lying and who is misleading you cant ignore it. Matter of fact the dems who did reply started with get me elected in Nov and I will help you, seriously it was March the 1st time I heard that.
I would love nothing more than to vote them ALL out however I will concentrate on getting rid of Harry Reid because he is a bastard who lies, cheats, and misleads and said awful things my own ears heard and I watched for months and months as he led on the unemployed and refused to help them when all he had to do was sign a Bleeping JOB BILL for the unemployed. how fucking hard can that be. So harry Reid you accomplished in me voting on action and when i say action I MEAN actually doing something not just saying you will. If he gets uprooted I can guarantee we will have more job bills than we could ever dream of. Yes I say guarantee because this Country is going to collapse without them and thank God the GOP likes money because so do we all.

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