I Survived the RNC Convention 2016

As an Unemployed Advocate never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up at a RNC convention? Over the years of lobbying politicians for Jobs bills the road blocks experienced was enormous. To break through the crowd of every one knows everyone seemed impossible. The democratic side certainly seemed to be easier to get your foot in the door but really once you get there you realize it’s just the waiting room with the appearance of your at the party. You’re not at the party they just pooling you in the room just in case they need to pluck you from the waiting room to tell a story to sell the party. The experience with the RNC was totally different. Have the unemployed Arrived at the party with the RNC no of course not. But the waiting room has a different purpose than the Democratic waiting room.

There I was in Cleveland surrounded by those Evil republicans that everyone is always talking about. I waited for the moment that they would strike and try to turn me into some raving loon. Instead I was received with a smile. I was reserved in the fact that I was an Independent not a Republican. I was reserved in introducing myself as an unemployed Advocate for concern of their response. Everyone I met was wonderful, polite and just like me concerned for the country and where we are headed. I was shocked to be received well on the job creation topic and understood some peoples concern of my intentions there. My intentions are not malicious but having been in the political circus for a few years I know that it is right to be cautious. The circles in the GOP are much like the Democratic Party. There is a hierarchy and moving up that ladder is something that takes time not something a convention visit accomplishes. Its one of the most frustrating parts of politics, the in crowd always seems almost unbreakable. You could have the most brilliant skill and idea to bring to the table and nope good luck reaching the right people to implement it. However, anyone who knows me knows I will jump over the hurdles of not being part of the in crowd just so peoples voices are heard that deserve to have a voice even when they not part of the in crowd. This is a series of some of the experiences of jumping over those hurdles at the RNC Convention. The lessons learned on how angry the Establishment is at us. Apparently, I have made some enemies along the way but if people would sit down and listen I believe those bridges can be mended. This is about a journey where I was led to a place that was willing to talk about jobs and acknowledge that the long term unemployed exist and the path forward. The journey is far from over but it’s a beginning. This journey started with teaching people how the system works, how they can get involved and how even then they get blocked from making changes to a system that is supposed to represent them. Right or Left they both have experienced at the delegate level that change isn’t going to be as simple as they thought.

I am documenting this experience perhaps so others can see. Screaming at each other gets us no where. We might not agree on everything but there are some things we can see eye to eye on and agree. The art of Compromise something I believe we all lost site of.

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