Why Demand IS Not A Concern!!

American business strives on making profits.  Making profits has always required Customers who will purchase your product or service, otherwise known as Demand.  Demand creates jobs in America.  So as I wondered how is Corporations making record profits with less customers coming through the front door so I decided to dig deeper into how this is happening.  Corporations are making profits for their investors right now.  Is it that companies are selling high volume products better than everyone else?  No in fact the best money maker in business today is a GOOD Accountant who is skilled in moving the money around in order to avoid paying taxes.  They are skilled at Capital Gains checks, creating subsidies that provides loopholes for corporations, to not just keep more of their money but to make sure the game is rigged enough to keep their profit margin flowing.  Apparently, while the unemployment rate bad.  IT’S GOOD FOR CORPORATIONS, apparently not telling the public the truth about the unemployment numbers is in fact GOOD FOR BUSINESS.  In an article from Forbes, I can only conclude that maybe corporate earnings will continue to increase, rewarding equity investors, because of the high unemployment rate.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertlenzner/2013/04/08/the-job-figures-should-spook-the-stock-market-bulls/?partner=yahootix Robert Lenzner makes the statement that the “Real Unemployment rate is 14.3%”.  Well it’s true the “Real” Unemployment rate is higher than the media portrays, it is also clear that it is benefitting some into riches that would not have come to them because of the  crisis going on in today’s market.  So If you lost your business, lost your job, underemployed or simply unable to move past go.  Look at who is excelling past go.  The business world is responsible for their profit margins.  Does that make them an “evil” entity?  No it’s the government who is not supposed to work hand in hand with business to be so corrupt that is squashes the people of the country.  The government is supposed to be the wall between what could cause the people harm.  After many years the government has in fact worked in partnership with causing the People on Main Street harm.

One of the more devastating theories of the 1970s was that no matter what it took to achieve it, the primary purpose of business was to maximize value for its shareholders. This principle has led to a variety of social ills where businesses discard employees (at the drop of a hat), pollute our air and waters, or create short-term gains that are unsustainable. Branson, Richard (2011-12-08). Screw Business As Usual (p. 96).     Portfolio Hardcover. Kindle Edition.

As long as the corporations are in charge of government, it is going to get worse.

We need to find a way to get corporations out of government and media watching for corruption between government, business, media and people.

We as citizen of this country Want our Government, OUR CEO of this United States of America to stop giving profits on the backs of our life savings.  We want our voices heard in the country that we the People of the United States of America are protected under the United States Constitution.

This is testimony that pretty much sums up the feelings of REAL Unemployed Americans on Main Street.  The US raised taxes on the rich but no one paid attention what they did with it….IT MATTERS WHAT YOU DID WITH IT.  What the current administration did with the raise in taxes did no in fact help grow the economy.  It fed Special Interest of the lobbyists all fighting for a bigger piece of the pie.  The piece that everyone RIGHT, LEFT or in between is missing is the peace that was taken away from Main Street.

So I do have to ask?  When is the United States Government going to protect the PEOPLE over Corporations?  When are Americans going to say I have had enough?  The answers to those questions are the future of America.  History really does repeat itself.  Hang on its going to be a bumpy ride.

WHEN IS JOBS going to be the forefront of Our Government’s Agenda?  We know the people of the country find it a top priority.  When are the Leaders in Washington, DC going to start listening?  Its clear Corporation’s are having no problem making money with no demand.  Clearly, this is unsustainable so lets get going on m

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