Attention: It is time for us to do what we do best. I am calling on all the jobless to help with this. Right now our Country is in turmoil because people are scared. We know this fear better then anyone, hell we have lived it for so long we grew numb. The jobless got sh*t on for the last eight years; some of us are houseless, some of us are living day to day, some of us will most likely never see an end to the suffering, and some of us have passed on. Those of us still here to see tomorrow are here because we overcame our fear and fought on, we refused to be used, and we believe in a hope that better days will come. It is our job now to be strong for those who are scared.
We need to do this for those who we have lost. We need to do this so we can keep pushing forward. We need to do this because we can. We have all been used for someone else’s agenda, but we saw it before it was too late. Now we must show everyone else.
We all ended up united because of MoveOn or some other organization that lead us down a path of destruction for their own agenda. We survived it though and now we need to help the people currently being used for another agenda before it hurts them too. We cannot sit and watch when we all know damn well what will happen, we can’t.
We are a force that is mightier and stronger than any other force. We are 94 million people who have been pushed down, ignored, and oppressed. We are America and it is time to take our Country back.
We have an opportunity before us to actually be loud enough that we can force change. We can finally see jobs at the end of the tunnel of misery and to hell if anyone is going to steal that from us. It never mattered to us who gave us these jobs, all that mattered was it happens. We all know party allegiance gets us nowhere. We know a truth that those who were not with us don’t know. For eight years we have waited for our chance to be heard and to hell if we are going to lose this because of someone else’s agenda.
The propaganda being spewed right now is just that, propaganda. The very same people who lead us on a never ending path to nowhere have once again found a new group of people to do this to. We must stop them because if we don’t the next four years will be transformed into never ending chaos that will only result in more jobless going houseless, more suicides, and more being ignored. These people are advocating for more filibusters, more blocking, and more division. They are using fear to create four years of panic and chaos.
We are the jobless! We are all nationalities, all lifestyles, all parties, all beliefs, we are the melting pot of America and we are many. We are the oppressed and we are sick and tired of always being ignored. We cannot risk four more years of no changes. We cannot risk four more years of America being divided by race, lifestyle, party, and beliefs. We have watched for eight years as everyone else but the jobless were heard and it ends now.
No President will ever be perfect. No Politician will ever be perfect. America is still a Country founded upon laws and nothing will change that. We don’t want more handouts we want a “hand up”. So put your party affiliation aside and fight for your opportunity to have a job. We must be louder, we must be forceful, and most importantly we must stop Americans from being used.
Our action plan:
Get on your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, whatever you can access.#NoMoreDistractions #Jobs1st #94millionStrong #99ers #EPWAV#OurTurn #8yearsWaiting #WeAreWatching #WeDontForgive#WeNeverForget
1. Contact your legislators in every way and make it clear we want jobs. No more distractions, no more ignoring us. Jobs are the priority.
2. Tell everyone you can how MoveOn, Democracy Now, NELP, even Van Jones, and others used the jobless. (Never forget how they encouraged the protests, built their mailing lists, and fundraised just to ditch the jobless later.)
It is wrong they are doing the same thing now to a new group of people who they will only abandon later.
3. Contact the media and tell them your story of being jobless, how you have suffered, and how long you have waited to have a job. Tell them how you are done being silenced.
4. Contact the people protesting and make sure they know what happened to the jobless. They deserve to know that these organizations abused us. Make sure they know politicians lie and use people. Make sure they know we will NOT be put aside any longer. Make sure they know we are the NOT the enemy. Make sure they know protesting won’t actually do anything but prevent actual solutions.
Do NOT let them steal our Voices again! Protests cost the cities money which means no money for the houseless. Protests block people from consuming which results in more job loss. Protests prevent people from getting to work which means no income. Protests hurt the jobless. Protests result in more oppression not less. If they want to make real changes they should be joining us to fight for jobs because that includes a better way of life. There are 94 million plus of us, so of course the organizations are trying to oppress us because they know we know the truth. We don’t need parties or organizations we need JOBS.
We have an opportunity to actually get change and to get a focus on jobs. Everyone benefits from jobs. So let’s get out there, talk to the people who are scared, and make sure they know this already happened to us. Make sure they know we are every race, every lifestyle, every belief, and every party and will not be segregated any longer. #Hope4Jobs

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