With the elections looming in the near future the government propaganda machine and the “Lame Stream Media” have shifted into overdrive with the release of the latest U3 unemployment numbers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics touts the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1% the lowest since September 2008 when this country began its economic free fall. They claim there are 9.5 million people unemployed in the country today. If this were only the truth.

The opponents of the present governments’ administration (mostly Republicans) come up with their own numbers to contain the debate and exclude the truth from participation. Fox News (the false prophet of the Republicans) ran a story on the unemployment rate using U6 numbers. Those numbers don’t show as rosy a picture as the present administration. The unemployment rate is still stuck in double digit territory at 12.1% with more than 18.7 million people looking for fulltime work. But the sad thing is this is not the full truth.

What are the real numbers that that all politicians (Republican & Democrat) and the “Lame Stream Media” refuse to admit to? If one were to look at the unemployed who want a job but have become “discouraged” or who have “dropped out of the labor force” or who have “not looked recently” because there are no jobs out there, then the unemployment rate would be at 23.1% with some 35.9 million looking for fulltime work. The rosy unemployment rate of 6.1% is a clever creation of blue smoke, mirrors and the disingenuous Bureau of Labor Statistic definitions where over 25 million Americans who desperately want to work are defined into non-existence.

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Main Street VS. Unions



 So as the battle for passing EUI continues an interesting event has happened. The Union groups are supporting a brand New bill introduced 6 months after the Emergency Compensation has expired and main street unemployed are pushing  a bill that was introduced  a few months ago that includes retro.  Are they the same bill since they both extend unemployment?  Well in the sense it extends the tier system from dead to alive again yes.  But there are some differences.  One big difference between the bills are that  the “New” EUI bill extends  UI for 5 months  so that the unemployed can “pick up” where they left off(so long as their states UI rate hasn’t fallen in the last 6 months), it also adds unemployment extension benefits under the Railroad unemployment Act for 12 months.  There is no retro in this “New” bill so some will receive the extensions and some will not since tiers are based on the UI rate and the Railroad Act is not effected on the unemployment Rate.   There is NO RETRO in this bill as written so far.,%20Heller%20Introduce%20New%20Bill%20to%20Extend%20Unemployment%20Insurance%20Benefits.pdf


   Main street unemployed are pushing for HR4415 which asks for retro payments for 6 month extension as well as (Sec. 5) Amends the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act to extend through 6 months, the temporary increase in extended unemployment benefits.


     So one has to wonder who will win this battle.  Will it be the Unions who have money to pay lobbyists in Washington or Main Street Unemployed who are broke and don’t have a high paid voice in DC.  Today the Senate approved HR803 which is a skills bill that Speaker of the house wanted to pass to attach to the unemployed Extension bill that was sent to him from Senate.  Now that the bill needs dates changed the Senate decides to change more than just dates to their newest proposal.  So let’s sit back and watch WHEN MAIN STREET battles UNIONS and how it ends.  Will Washington know it’s being watched for how they represent regular citizens without a lobbyist or will the lobbyist win again? 

   After a bill like HR803 got pushed by these unemployed and got passed with only 3 Senators voting NO.  This bill has been attempted to be passed for 11 years, with the support of ALL the unemployed to only end up being left behind with something less than they bargained for, while looking for jobs and fighting to move this country in a forward motion for JOBS.  I truly hope that Washington DC understands that it’s time to listen to “We The People” Our special interest democracy is demanded by the people.   Don’t send them the message that money buys your vote and takes your word away. 

    Update for the 99ers out there.  HR803 when passed in the house will allow you to participate there are some paid training programs so look for it in your area coming soon.  Next up is S2260 which includes a hiring incentive for hiring the long term unemployed and yes that includes the 99ers as well.  That bill is out of committee in the Senate and is expected to be voted on when Senator Reid decides to allow it to the floor. 

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America Is Failing in its Universal Mission


The United States of America is facing a severe overpopulation issue due to a massive influx of individuals from other countries seeking opportunity and freedom in our great country. With the rising number of people who need jobs and want to work, work opportunities are becoming more and more rare, and I see America failing in it’s universal mission of world liberty and the national prosperity of our working class backbone. We the people of the United States of America, have the responsibility rested on our shoulders of providing the world with freedom and opportunity, and this simply cannot be achieved without a comprehensive immigration system that functions in support of both hard working Americans, and liberty seeking foreign nationals.

I propose a limited duration solution to this growing border crisis, by enforcing strict documentary regulations of the past that can be applied right now and in the future. America cannot survive the current immigration situation without us first stabilizing our employment market and national economy, in order to support and protect the well being of our foreign, liberty loving neighbors.

Our borders need to be temporarily shut down to allow our nation and our government to account for and stabilize the millions of foreigners already in the United States living in poverty. These people need help, and these people are entitled to the same inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as every natural born American. We, America, cannot achieve these noble goals without first pacifying the poverty stricken masses right here – the homeless Americans, the unemployed Americans, the struggling Americans living week to week or month to month, always waking and wondering whether or not their children will be able to eat that day.

If we as Americans, cannot even take care of our own citizens, what will happen to the rest of the freedom seeking patriots that dream of American liberty when they arrive in our country only to find poverty, sickness and death? We the people need to rise up, and address these issues that strain our economy, that drain our pockets, that starve our children, and fix this broken immigration system, so that America will once again achieve the greatness dictated by our Declaration of Independence, not just for Americans, but for every human being that loves freedom and liberty, and who just wants their chance at the American Dream.

* Anonymous


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Unemployed Crisis

The Hidden Crisis of Unemployment

     The United States is reliant on tax payers and business in order for it to function and provide for the needs of the country.  Through taxes military, security and poor is helped.  This study will look into if the governments during the recession of 2009 if the government handled the unemployment crisis or should they have done more.  The study will show that clearly they have not done nearly enough to prevent, correct or avoid jobs loss since 2007.  The government should have taken this as a severe crisis that needed immediate corrections. In 2007 the United States began what is noted as a recession.  The recession caused the economy to be effected in many ways.  The banking system needing bailing out, the budgets for states and local government to take cuts as well as the federal government to address the best way to cushion the pain and prevent a depression.  The United States has not seen a depression since the 20’s during the Great Depression.  During that time the Federal Government created WPA programs to allow people to find work to support their families while building infrastructure in America. This allowed for demand and money to flow into the economy as well as people to support their families during a time where bread lines was something a family looked forward to daily in order to feed their family that day.  In 2008 with American workers losing their jobs at a fast pace the government extended Unemployment benefits by adding emergency Tiers onto the already standard 26 week program in order to maintain families and keep the economy from crashing further.  This was the first time in the history of America and since Unemployment Compensation was created, tiers 1-4 were created for a total of 99 weeks.

     The crisis of job losses started in 2008; it peaked in 2009 and has slowly improved according to BLS reports.  However, look closer into those numbers there is some debate as to if the numbers have improved due to people locating jobs and opportunities or just left the workforce.  The BLS Website In 2008 the Unemployment rate started off in January at 5.0% and by the end of the year rose to 7.3% with a continuing loss trend through 2009.  January 2009 the Unemployment rate started at 7.9% and ended the year at 9.9%.  The following year the unemployment rate remained in the 9% range both reaching highs and lows in that percentage range.  It took until 2012 for the unemployment rate to move out of the 9% range into the 8% range and excluding September through December rates which was 7.8% for September, October and November and 7.9% for December ending the year.  In 2013 the Unemployment rate dipped again into the 7% range and remained there until December where it dipped to 6.7%. In 2014 the rate is still slowly dropping but still remains in the high 6% range which is still higher than pre-recession years. In total America has lost the most jobs in one quarter in 2009 than in the history of records being kept by the Department of Labor.  The best information explaining this was found on the department of Labor site in an article post by the department itself. 

     Nonfarm jobs

     The U.S. economy lost 4.7 million nonfarm jobs in 2009. (See chart 2.) In absolute terms, no other calendar year in the history of the CES survey has seen as many jobs lost. In relative terms, 3.5 percent of payroll jobs were lost over the year, the greatest rate of decline since 1945, when nonfarm businesses cut 6.6 percent of payroll jobs.

The largest monthly losses occurred at the beginning of the year, marking the start of a divergence from the job loss trend set by the previous two recessions. (See chart 3.) Employment declined by 753,000, on average, during each of the first 3 months of the year. Between April and June, however, average job losses slowed to 478,000 per month. The last 6 months of 2009 showed more signs of moderation in job losses. The third quarter saw an average decline of 2 60,000 jobs per month and was followed by an average monthly decline of 90,000 in the fourth quarter. Early in the year, the losses were widespread. The diffusion index over a 1-month span for total private employment reached 16.5 in March 2009, indicating that only about 16.5 percent of industries were adding payroll jobs, while about 83.5 percent were cutting jobs. The index had risen to 39.6 in December.


The reports also tells us that besides job losses workers hours were cut by 0.4 % to 33.8 hours for those who still had a job.  This trend has stayed active through to 2014 where more minimum wages, part time jobs have grown exponentially.  Before the recession the Unemployment benefit package was 26 weeks.  Giving 6 months to find a new position, under normal economic climates 6 months was more than enough time to replace the job loss for an individual.  While the country was bleeding out jobs at a rate of 800,000 jobs a month and the only thing workers was experiencing was job loss there was no job creation to be located people started to use their savings and retirement to pay their bills and stay afloat.  The unemployed discovered that they was in a job crisis that needed to be addressed so the push for emergency help began.  The government added tiers of emergency benefits.  To this date of 2014, there has been 13 extensions passed and the 14th is in debate in the house who is demanding job creation be added to this.  If job creation is added this will be the first time in the history of this jobs crisis that the federal government doesn’t just pass the band aid but also starts to help with a solution on how to grow jobs in The United States.  There has been very little focus on the need for job creation when it comes to Washington Leaders. 

     Part of the concern for many Americans is that although the UI rate is falling slowly there have been studies that show that in fact, the rate is not falling but Americans are leaving the workforce.  The Unemployment rate that the Department of Labor focuses on is also known as the U3 number.  In a report written by the foreign policy Journal, just one of the many that explains U1-U6 numbers it states:

     Now there are several different measures of unemployment calculated by the BLS ranging from U1 to U6 which parse different aspects of the unemployment situation. When you hear the unemployment rate mentioned, it is most likely referring to the U3 measure. This rate counts only unemployed workers who actively searched for a new job within the past 4 weeks. The other most used measure is the U6, which is not strictly a measure of unemployment because it groups the unemployed, along with the involuntarily part-time and the no-longer-looking. The U6 is the broadest measure of labor market agony we have. And this is what some call the more reflective measure of unemployment. It’s been around 15 percent for the past three years.

     There are active groups of unemployed known as the 99ers who argue continuously that they are not counted but still looking for employment. The way the government derives the unemployment figures is archaic and needs updating for the growth in population and to modern technology. The millions of people left out of the numbers do not give a clear indication of the people out of work due to no fault of their own. The picture that is hidden is causing more harm to economy than the federal government realizes or just willfully ignores, Rhonda Taylor Stated, who is a national Advocate for the 99ers. 

     The solutions to the Jobs crisis that has been brought up are few and far between over the last 6 years.  Some of those proposed are a WPA program like they did during the Great Depression.  The federal government and the parties don’t seem to agree on solutions at all the Democrats want to grow unions by offering more federal jobs and building infrastructure in America. 

     The republicans want to lower taxes on business that will take off the handcuffs for businesses to grow.  The problem with both parties is their ideas are small minded and not fail proof.  The government created a climate where they rewarded companies for outsourcing during a time where America had plenty of jobs here.  Companies discovered how much cheaper it was to do business overseas.  Where labor laws are not enforced and benefit packages are nonexistent.  The solutions for unemployed in the United States is first to recognize it’s a crisis.  The next is to agree what caused the crisis and how ignoring it has multiplied it much farther than it needed to go.  Job creation is an important feature that needs to be added to the agenda of Washington DC.  First we need to stop rewarding all companies that ship their jobs overseas, next we need to reward companies for jobs that are offered here in the United States to Americans.  We need to create a well-rounded jobs bill that includes not excludes people not collecting Unemployment compensation anymore since that pool that falls under the U6 number and the chart for out of the workforce is the largest pool of people who need to get back into the economy.  To offer bills that are limited to only vets, or unions or private sector will only magnify the hurt on those who don’t fall into the specific category of jobless.  We need small business to grow so by offering them aide to help them hire employees that they can’t afford to because people are not creating demand due to the economy lacking and no one having money to spend on items their selling has to be done.  Both parties need to realize the bills offered are not curing the solution for all unemployed but only the special agendas that the parties cater to.  No credits should be given without it being attached to a job created for an American Citizen. 

     There is a bill offered by Senator Thune in the Senate that had a few elements that would help like offering credits for hiring the longest of the long term unemployed as well as a moving loan so that the long term unemployed can afford to move to where the jobs are located.  There is also a bill offered by Senator Whitehouse that would tax the corporations who ship jobs overseas.  Both sides have ideas that are needed to cure the jobs crisis.  Combine the good ideas improve them so that they are not open ended and we will begin to build the people back up from the jobs crisis we are in now.  To ignore this means we will continue for more middle class people to fall into poverty and destine them to poverty for the rest of their lives.  Most of them have to start their retirement savings over at the age of 50.  The other issue that needs to be addressed is the discrimination of the unemployed not only by length of unemployment but as well as age.  Age discrimination seems to be something not many want to talk about but if you look at the average person who lost their jobs in 2008, 2009 and 2010, they was over the age of 40.  The withdrawal penalty that the unemployed are paying to withdraw their retirement should be waived if they are unemployed and not receiving an Unemployment Check as well. 

     There is not one best solution for a crisis that has lasted 6 years and affected millions of citizens.  It will take a combination of ideas so that all unemployed are given the opportunity to find work again.  There is many solutions above, the one that is best to start is by acknowledging the huge crisis of out of work unemployed and addressing how to get them all back to work.  How to get companies involved in growing this economy for everyone. 

     Convincing companies it’s about their profit margin just as much as the well-being of the country. You don’t have profits if you don’t have customers that can afford to purchase your product.  So the best solution is one where Washington DC stops cheering the recovery that when it comes to jobs doesn’t exist.  8 million jobs created since the recession began in Dec 2007 that is not enough to keep up with the new entrants into the workforce.  So the best solution is to address the problem.  Experts have argued over the solutions but the experts can’t seem to agree on the solutions to the problem.  The solutions seem to be more political than practical.  So the best resource I can find for solutions are the long term unemployed themselves who are living the crisis.  That group is otherwise known as the 99ers and they seem to not need a research team to tell them what will get them back to work, they know what they up against.  The Climate and Stigma to getting people back to work has not helped opportunities for the long term unemployed.  So Until Washington gets honest with the crisis the solutions are farther away than anyone realizes.  Unlike the Great Depression where Washington acknowledges the problem and immediately addressed it, the jobs crisis that started in Dec 2007 has been a vicious circle that is holding the United States economy and recovery back.

        So in summary the solution that must be met first and foremost is getting honest with the number of unemployed people we have in the United States of America.  The next solution is recognizing the causes and the effects of unemployment.  Coming up with a plan for the road to recovery will take more than a one answer solution. For starters let’s get honest about the crisis.











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No Salary, No Benefits, No Sleep: This Is The World’s Toughest Job


A company placed this classified ad looking to fill a Director of Operations position.

The job had a mandatory 135+ hours a week of work and required the job holder to be on call at all times, day or night. Qualified candidates should have a knowledge of psychology, medicine, personal finance, culinary arts and basic technology skills. The job also had physical requirements: the ability to stand for hours, lift up to 75 pounds, be constantly moving and operate on little to no sleep.

While the nation’s jobless claims may have dropped to the lowest levels since 2007, 24 people responded to the job posting at Rehtom, Inc., even though the position offered no medical or dental benefits, no pension and no paid holidays, but did offer “infinite opportunities for personal growth and rewards.”

The 24 applicants were interviewed via webcam. That’s when they got the surprise of their life…

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First Legislation offered for 99ers job creation

     Today is March 2, 2014 and for the first time since March 2008.  I have some legislation to talk about for the unemployed forgotten.  This legislation will be the very first bill ever written for this group since the start of the recession for job creation.  I know many democrats will read this and say no President Obama offered a jobs bill that the republicans blocked.  In truth, that bill was only for people who were currently collecting unemployment benefits.  Never, has a bill been legislated, offered or voted on for the people considered “Out of the Workforce” or otherwise known as 99ers.  The absolute shocker that I will reveal is its offered by a republican.  The bill is not nearly big enough to fill the huge gap of people who need jobs in an economy that isn’t growing like Washington likes to claim but it’s something.  After, many years of advocating, writing, media and research, Could it be finally we have at least one politician who admits we didn’t count in the unemployment rate and that by addressing this group that is true growth and opportunity is what needs to be addressed immediately? 


    The unemployed should support this bill.

    This bill not only acknowledges that there is far more than 1.8 million unemployed (long term unemployed) but it also gives this group an advantage for hiring for the very first time since this crisis began.  The one thing that will go down in history is the very first bill to every address the forgotten 99ers was offered by “those mean old republican party” The democrats had plenty of opportunity to offer something they chose to ignore this large pool of citizens.  The democrats perhaps have made a very calculated huge mistake.  Will they make another mistake by not supporting this bill?  Will they dismiss it? The people living this crisis are watching they are not fooled by the I care at election time speeches.  They wanted action with real solutions. Is this the first step in creating solutions for people?


    I encourage all unemployed to call their legislators and make them aware of the proposal.  Tell them that we are aware of the bill and support anything that will help these forgotten to get on a path to rebuilding their lives.  It’s time to legislate.  The official 99ers response for this bill is we support it.  We acknowledge that this bill if passed will help those out of the workforce due to no fault of their own.  I will give them an advantage that companies might just utilize.  This is exactly what the long term need to get on their feet again.  Is it big enough? Probably not but it’s a start compared to NOTHING…

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99ers React to Govt Shutdown Debacle

I have watch with frustration over the last few days everyone Whine about people being out of work for a few days, maybe a week, maybe even 2 weeks has irritated me. You want people like me to have sympathy for you? There are over 20 million people who have been unemployed and out of a check for over 3 years. Where was your concern for them. I cant help but say or think to myself when I hear their complains….CRY ME A RIVER….You don’t have a clue what its like to SUFFER, TO LOSE, to be out of work with no job. I cant watch the selfishness of people who scream ITS ALL ABOUT ME….It just proves to me this country is all about picking winners and losers and it reminds me how little the democrats or the Republicans are concerned with those people. I am sorry but when you have walked a day in one of the 99ers shoes in the last 5 years…THEN YOU WILL HAVE MY SYMPATHY…When you are the one who gets the calls of tonight is the last night in my house and I am ending it all, and you have to try to figure out how to convince this STRANGER giving up is not an option. When you have to plead and beg for people to give someone a couch or help some stranger because they have hit rock bottom and Going homeless is all they have…Maybe then I will have sympathy for you struggle…Until then I am sorry You will find no sympathy from the 99ers. You will find no sympathy from the unemployed…..As far as politics go. YOU WILL FIND NO SUPPORT from them either….YOU MUST COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS not just sell the suffering that you have not endured like some political football….SO no I don’t care if people will be out of work for a few days….Because as many of those people said to us. “Its not our problem” Its sad this country can only provide sympathy when it hits their door, when it is suddenly their CRISIS….I am not a selfish person but I have experienced and watched many selfish people playing politics. Do the RIGHT THING? Tell that to the people who are living on ZERO with nothing left to loose…..They are the only ones NOT EFFECTED BY A SHUTDOWN because they haven’t had a lifeline thrown to them in over 3 years….

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Mr President its about JOBS…..Higher education is a Luxary…

“President Obama continued his tour of universities yesterday. He spoke to the college students staff members about student loans in America. Making them affordable for kids making education available to all and outlining his plan.
So as …I write about Pres. Obama’s speech forgive me if I was not all warm and fuzzy hearing Pres. Obama’s plan. It seems that Washington again is not paying attention to the realities of Mainstreet. It’s great that they show up to universities speak to what they assume is all young people. They seem to think that only young people are back in school getting an education.”
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Organizer in Chief

America is a place where everyone is supposed to have a voice if you want one.  Unions was a place where employees was given a voice in the business world.  So with high unemployment in America the logic is grow Unions.  Give people a voice in the labor market is what Unions was designed to do.  Over the last several years labor unions gave a voice for Labor but only for their members.  Leaving out the majority of workers in this country.  So a voice for labor for regular private citizens is missing.  If you’re not in a Union, or the owner of a Big Business your voice is not heard regarding Labor. Is this what democracy looks like?

We have a President who is acting more like an Organizer in Chief than a President.  Collecting emails, phone numbers in order to organize the crowd to show up when a certain agenda needs to be pushed.  What we don’t have is a leader who does right by Everyone in America but only the ones who are willing to herded to the next Grand push.  The Unemployed in America rejected this idea where I should have to belong to a group in order to have a voice.  For them its simple.  There is a jobs crisis Fix it.  Republicans, democrats and Independents across America are part of the unemployed group and they not interested in going to stand at a rally, sign a petition or make a call for anything that has nothing to do with the growth of Jobs or the economy.  Our Organizer in chief isn’t understanding their voice.  They don’t want to get an email once a week from the White House or the party representative telling them what bill you’re pushing this week that has nothing to do with jobs.  In fact it’s reminding them of exactly how little concern you have for jobs.  I get all the emails, it’s very telling to get 10 emails about guns, gay marriage and immigration reform and how the republicans are blocking this bill or that one.  I guess it doesn’t make them wonder.  If your unemployed and have gotten these emails for years it reminds you how much the democratic party cares about you and your inbox is filled with every other agenda that is not about JOBS.  That’s what organizers do not Presidents.  The Republicans are no better because I also get those emails as well regarding what agenda they are pushing as well.  Lately they talking about jobs but with not a lot of substance to Real solutions.  The unemployed are interested in ONE thing and One thing only. JOBS….REAL LIFE AMERICAN JOBS.  One that give’s them income to pay their bills.  We don’t want to be organized into some party politics, We don’t want to be herded for some rally, We want to go out and work and earn a paycheck in order to house, feed and cloth ourselves.  So who ever thought trying to organize Americans into this Organizing mess that politicians have used to get elected got it all wrong.  We are tired of being invited to the party with nothing there for us to eat.  We want JOBS on the Menu.  So Mr. Organizer in Chief stop trying to get more Union members, Stop trying to get more supporters for Democrats….DO YOUR JOB if its done well….people will Support you.  Just like the old saying….IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME.   Until then don’t tell me about it.

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When America Became A Boardroom Rather Than A Product Of The People

Imagine whats its like to live in fear for 3 years….Imagine having the feeling you have no control over your future or your kids future.  Imagine watching the world around you crumble knowing you are only the first of many who will experience this fate.  Imagine the world around you being judgmental and hateful only for them to realize their turn is coming.  Imagine when the government used to work for the people at least 20% of the time and now it don’t work at all.  Imagine watching people make decisions that effect your today and your tomorrow without a care in the world for how it effects people.  Imagine knowing you will be homeless and there is nothing you can do about it.  Imagine what its like to look at your children and know tomorrow is the day you will have to say goodbye.  Imagine the worry and pain a family goes through when your child’s says I am hungry and there is nothing you can do..THE 99ers don’t have to imagine this they are and have lived it for 168 weeks and growing.  They have taken the insults, the pain and the condescending attitude of people in America.  They have played by the rules even during a time where desperation has set in..They have waited and watched the wait n see game that everyone has asked them to do for so long now.  The anger the frustration and the desire for the light at the end of the tunnel they so desperately want to see that never comes.  WE THE 99ers didn’t create this mess.  But we have paid for it in so many ways that no one could understand.  We have paid with our savings, our health, our security, our hope and our dreams.  We don’t deserve the treatment of ignorance that is a common acceptance in America.  We don’t deserve to be ignored.  One has to wonder if playing by the rules didn’t work for them will it work for no one.  The 99ers know all about sacrifice…and its painful to watch others start to realize that the sacrifice is on their doorstep.  Its a painful reminder everyday.  That the ones who feel entitled in America are not the poor, the unemployed, the elderly but rather those that have taken and taken and only want more in a society that was once UNITED.  The same ones who would ask those poor people to have their sons fight wars to protect their investments, the same ones who want the profit margin to grow every year no matter the cost of the community around them..Those same people who have stopped running all those commercials for how they care about community and people in need.  When America became a boardroom rather than a product of the people its no longer America.  Its now just a modern day noble crowd looking to rule with power.  America was built on caring, understanding, acceptance and above all FREEDOM.  When not all citizens are living in the freedom then that country no longer exists…The 99ers have watched the America that their ancestors who died protecting has all but slowly disappeared.  The 99ers should be a reminder of what is coming to your doorstep soon.  Feeling defeated wont save this country…ITS just too bad that it wont be saved for all.  Wow imagine how that will be recorded in history…America played favorites among its citizens where you one of the lucky ones it recognized?  Or were you one of the ones that they deemed as not important….Remember where we came from….AND LOOK where we ARE GOING…America is United no More.

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